Missing the past badly. .
I got miss sick. . lolx. .
I miss those day going to East Coast every week. ..
Miss those day going out so carefree. . shopping, singing, chatting, exploring places, cycling, pool, jogging, gym, netball, dancing, mid night tour. . lolx. .

All the thing around make feel so sian. .
Make me more think of the past badly. .
When we all out again in a bunch. . I want to cycle, singing have steamboat agin lolx.. . When is the day where a bunch of my buddies time match. ..
Maybe x-mas or holiday. .. yawnz. ..

As for the excel test today is okay but some qns nt quitre understand. .
And thanks all Freund. . True Freund for letting me knowing that i'm not being neglected. . Danke schon. .thks for all the concern. .
Data structures and Algorithms & Mathematic got test next week. . omg. . is totally blankz with c++. . Jiu Ming Ya. . aaahhhhhhhh. ... haiz. .
Need to do german written essay too. . Project need to write letter. .
wahhaha. . God bless. .. Knock on wall and there isn't any thing to think of le. . lolx. .. ..

Miss Badly..................... Calling for Rena Kirsten...........

Take carez. .. Miss ya Luv ya Huggy hug hugzz. ...

End with my Beloved Santa Coast Daddy. . . How i hope but impossible. . .

kirsten-beloved || 8:09 AM


End earlier the yesterday but still consider as long day. .
After school go interview at PS. .
They still deciding my application, as i can't work constantly. .
hmm. .. is cashiering, packaging, check stock kind of job. .
Okay okay but not really the want i wish to work in. . .
If they employ also good atleast got income. .

Now quite tired, as sleep late yesterday trying to read abit of the BIS in cms. .
That lesson really quite stress de. . read and do assignment follow by test. . everyweek will have one. . The result is really like shit, i never see this kind of mark before really need to put much more effect in. . 1/10. . omg. . sad. .
I will try absolve it and study through before that lesson. . haiz. . Feel like no hope. . no medicine to cure. .

Smile for a better day. . Cheer. .
Nowaday there is a trend around. .
Is all start with silent. . and speak up in word. . Appearing open conversation . .
What kind of trend is it. .

Tomorrow excel test. . God bless loz. . Ahh MAaa. . . .
So shakez. . So blur and gong all way. . Please wake up. . and Catch Up. .
No time waiting for u, Rena. . lolx. .

Oh ya Happy Birthday Naz. . Lastly my greeting to all frenz. .

Care ohh... Mis Ya... Swt ahh. ... Huggyz Hug hugzz. . Luv ya. ..

Catch Up
Kirsten Rena. .
29 Nov 05

kirsten-beloved || 4:44 AM


Today as usual, Monday is the long schooling day. .
End at 5pm. . Meet up frenz after school. .
Some suddenly got important thing so never turn up. .
We go all the way to eat long john. . lolx. .. the food there is it better??. . keke. .
Walk around and go home. . Maybe this is the way to release stress ba. .

Just hope that something will end. . Otherwise too much input cause loss of brain cell. .

Got something strange. . But don't want to care too much, cause maybe is i think too much. . If it is not i over thought, hmmm. . sorry. . as i just want simple and normal. . no step forward. .

Tomorrow interview. . hope to get in a good environment. .

Take Care My Frenz. . Mis Ya. . Swt Ah. . Luv Ya. . Huggy Hugz HUgz. .

Beloved Blog
29 Nov 05

kirsten-beloved || 9:15 AM

Draw a pig that u think of. .
personality test. .. .. .

Do u think mind is correct??. . lolx. ..

Result of
Qns 1 : you are a realist.
Qns 2 : you are direct, enjoy playing devil's advocate and neither fear nor avoid discussions.
Qns 3 : you are analytical, cautious, and distrustful.
Qns 4 : you are secure, stubborn, and stick to your ideals.
Qns 5 : You are a poor listener.
Qns 6 : You have a great sex life.

The result of mind is omg. . Try it. . click on the link


kirsten-beloved || 4:50 AM


This girl have becoming an alien. .
An alien that not belong to this world. .
An alien that speak those language that nobody understand. .
what actually this paticular girl is trying to say. .
This alien try to speak human language. .
but the human language of this alien is terribly above the sky that no one can reach upon. .
The simple and normal in this alien. . have lost the concept. .
The thought, the blur, the worry bring this alien to miserable stage. .
Alien become forgetful. . walk in the street. . so called dark soy sause street. .

The alien hope to be back to the real human. .
And also work.... Alien can't survive with no money. .
As alien need to do settle thing. .

Human Alien
25 Nov 05

kirsten-beloved || 6:52 AM


It is the same old thing at class. .
Everyone is so called the quiet. .
What to do now is only hold on to it. .
No matter how bad the thing become. .

Funny thing happened in mrt while way home. .
Got one old lady trying to squeeze in to get the sit. .
Can't image two sit with three people & the person beside is not related to the old lady de. . Beside the old lady is a couple. . A funny couple. . Their action make me laugh. .

Nothing much le. . Some just sad to mention anymore. . haiz. . word can't express the actual view. . Who can know the actual fact. .

What about English?. . ya i wanted to improve. . Ayuni also say that i need to write out clearly what i want to say. .

I don't know. . . . . . Just like an alien in somewhere. . which keep thinking of how human being been at here for. . Why human behave in this way. .

Afraid of close. . afraid it is no longer be the same. .

Fear Me Not
25 Nov 05

kirsten-beloved || 8:55 AM


Feeling abit sad. .
after knowing ya. .
If u want to treat me as this way i have no word to say. .
word is beyond my scene. .
I already do my part. .
I never against you. . I do the part as a friend. . Why u keep on doing those thing. .
Please let me peace down. .
What your want to say. . What your want to treat. .
Is your choice. . Your decision. .
Stop asking me. . Why don't you ask them instead. .

Now stressing how to do the sem pro. .
Really don't feel like studying here. .
Feel like tearing. . Tearing not because of showing out what thing. . But maybe i can't try it anymore. . Need some time to piss all off. . . Release. . . . .

24 Nov 05

kirsten-beloved || 8:07 AM


Have been quite blur nowaday. .
Forget to take thumbdrive after lesson. .
Luckily it is still there. .
People called me, and yet i don't know. .
Read few page and forget all after a few second. .
What about chatter box??. .
Don't know who is that unknown "anonymous". .
So many unknown tag on the box of most friends around. .
Just hack those people will be okay de. .
Hope to finish Sem pro asap. .
Haven't touch on it yet. .
Tomorrow a brand new week once again. .
3 week. .
Go go. .

Is not how hard working u are. .
but also must work smartly. .
For me i don't have those work smartly ability. . so. . Try hard. . lolx. .

No matter how the road turn into. . ^*^Cheer^*^ . .
Luv ya. . Mis Ya. . Care oh. . Huggy Hugz Hugz. .

ReNa aka Kirsten
20 Nov 05

kirsten-beloved || 4:02 AM


Today news. .
No point saying anything, if it don't believe. .
What else would we do. . Answer is nothing. .
Just let it be what they think of. .
Let us stop and rest. . Will be extremely deep in sick bed if keep on. .

Thanks those people who concern. .
Lots people sick le. . Like Kaili, Wee, Sheng & many more. . . .
Happy to see their stay true frenz stay. . and some true frenz bright my day. .
Fun chatting and teach me things. .

Miss those day. . those olden day with many other frenz. .
Those i used to go out with. . cya if gt chance. .
Take carez always. . love ya. . miss ya. .

Searching Work...................

Lovely Song
19 Nov 05

Try this personality test. .

Your Blogging Type Is Thoughtful and Considerate
You're a well liked, though underrated, blogger.You have a heart of gold, and are likely to blog for a cause.You're a peaceful blogger - no drama for you!A good listener and friend, you tend to leave thoughtful comments for others.

kirsten-beloved || 7:54 AM


Why did u add on more doubt into cell. .
Always those small matter. .
Pls i need a break. . I will go nut one day. .
With every small matter, that u feel. .
Pls don't anyhow think and add it on & on. .
I will breakaway. .
I have lots matter to deal with, not those small matter that u make. .
All is your mouth who say it. .

Seriously need a peace. . Need fresh air to breath. .
Really when i heard that i wanna got mad with tear falling. .
Stop your non sense. . You are not kids anymore. .

Take Care all my frenz. . Is a hard time. . Jia You. . Go Go. . Carefree. .
Miss Ya. . Always carry on. .

Beloved Blog
17 Nov 05

kirsten-beloved || 2:01 AM


Nothing much to type on. .
As it has been the same over & over. .
Sorry for not type as been low since the last. .
Sometime make me can't breath. .
Can't take it anymore. .
Everyday is study. .
Reading. . Like a bookworm soon. .
hmm. . no is Com worm. . Computer worm. . lolx. .
There are lots thing to think of. . like bill & etc. .
What am i doing now is saving for my bill. .
Seriously need to something on it, really give me a shock when i saw the amount. . & not just one. .
Determine toward saving. . & get a perm job. .
My feeling now is hard to express. .
What i can say is life. .
This is life, face the fact. .

I like this song alot alot alot more. .

"Something felt so wrong here. .
So i pray. .
I could breakaway. .

But I won't forget all the ones that I loved. .
I'll take a risk. .
Take a chance. .
Make a change. .
And breakaway. . ."

16 Nov 05

kirsten-beloved || 7:37 AM


Today quite sick. .
Keep sneeze. .
Miss me or scold me. . lolx . .

Evening time received a call from my aunt. .
Omg. .. . Know what??. . She lost the company money while on way to put in the safe. . So ask my mum and grandma for help. . Luckily not big amount. . but can buy a phone atleast. .

At night received Singtel bill guess what,two hundred over dollars. . Crazy men. . I remember i had pay last month. . Maybe they haven't update. . Must check clearly. . Luckily i never use le. .

My frenz havn't cancel the line yet. . I straight away blank when i heard that but my frenz say that will using it for one month. . Maybe feel guilty ba. . :)

I afraid i will used to something. .
as i will want more??. . lolx. . really?. .
btw if used to and one day it isn't be the same again. .
It will need time to stand up again. .

Got something happened. .
Is it settle. . I don't know. .
Just leaves it, seem the situation now is no moving and like nothing wasn'yt say. .
For what i know is whatever thing, must true toward. .

kirsten-beloved || 3:41 AM


Kinda sad. . haiz. . actually not really but too many thing at once so ya. .
Never out today. . As due to something on yesterday my brother too tired. . Some other time then meet. . See how it goes. . lolx. .
My frenz 's frenz trying to make fun & end up my frenz thought i angry about it. . haha. . I am okay just kinda sad of so much thing. . Sorry. .
Plan to make it for me today but i don't want le. . No more mood. .
Quite stuborn mah??. . Don't know. .
Use up 2/3 of tissue in rubbish bin. .
Hope to work next week if can. .
Should use my time usefully and start seeing so german spell. .
Can't pronoun but atleast ya. .

Tomorrow 2nd week of school. . yeah yeah. . look upon a better day. .
Do care my frenz. .

13 Nov 05

kirsten-beloved || 1:27 AM


Already know what's going on. .
Really sad. . Make me miserable sia. .
Kaili like what you say one day true will out. .
So li must be strong. . Don't let it pester you. . True always stand forever. .
No matter how it goes we never did anything. . stop this le. . haiz ..

Actually going out with my brother? but suddenly got thing so changes to tomorrow. .

12 Nov 05

kirsten-beloved || 2:35 AM


Today want to clear all doubt but it seem like no chance. .
what to do?. . i really don't understand, what cause it ..
headache rite?. .

After school, Christopher, Kaili, Jaili & me waiting at Foodcourt for Gladys, Dawn, Hong Wee & Marcus to come. . Go buy food after they come. . eat hot & sour ban mian. . they eat normal de. . actually i want hot & spicy but never cause the hot & sour ban mian is quite nice. .

And go to orchard with Jiali after that. . We Broke le. . I buy jacket, boxer, nail polish. . She ya more stuff. . Top & bottom, face & inner & outer. . all buy. .lolx. .

Very tired after all. . I have been waiting for bus 143 for long. . about half an hour. . then traffic jam. . 7++pm then reached home. .

Check mail & aunty called me. . Go Orchard see those decoration. . hmm. . okay. . At orchard, we eat dessert. . the dessert near starhub company is really scary. . is like gaint ice kachang. . this the larger i even eat before. .

okay end here. .

11 Nov 05

kirsten-beloved || 7:12 AM

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