Decide to put photo in. . My favour. . hehee. . EC. . Everything go there will let me feel better. . There is alots of memory there. . Is my weekly activity last time but now haiz. . . Reach upon the next cycling. . keke. . Jio me ohh. . I loving it. . Missing it. .

I draw de. .

Wen sheng draw de

still gt few more but i haven't get from them yet. . hee. .

Out of a sudden, I wonder. . . . . . . .

Have you ever wonder who are there actually??
=>> when you need help
=>> when you bore
=>> when you down
=>> when you sad
=>> when you miserable
=>> when you have some problem
=>> when you . . . . .
Who actually there always??
Who dissolve in air??
Who stay?? Who leaving??

Word is just word but what about promised word??
Must be a deal, What if a crush make you break it??
hmmmm. . . Must be reasonable enough. .
What if it keep breaking promise??. .
You are a liar. . bluffing. . Just rubbish talking rubbish. .
Throw your word. .

Abit lost of way. .
lolx. . . Eat Eat. . Jog Jog. . Cycle Cycle. .
Is so fast. . the time files. . 2 more day to 01012006. . and school start. . everything start. . God Bless. . Pray for a brand new good days. .
My dream after NYP. . I go for you. .
Find my ways out of the incredible. . Could i??. ..
RENA ~ Regardless Eligible to or Not be Applicable. .

Last word for 2005. . Take carez. . Luv ya. . Swt ah. . Mis ya. . Care ohh. . Huggyz. .

30 Dec 05

kirsten-beloved || 5:43 AM


Somehow don't feel like studying. .
Test & project & all kind of shit like pop corn all pop out. .
I don't know where to go and how to start. .
Negative thought of ending. . Yawn. . Stop it and Do it. .

Have you think of this before?? ..
-> Who is there when you are down or need someone to talk to?. .
-> Are you there for someone when he/she is down or someone need to have a talk? ..
hmmm. . somehow yes somehow no. . as everyone have own thing to stress on somehow might be crushed on other thing too.. hmmmm. . .

No Word But Drawing. .No Mood To Study. . So Many Tests After Break de ya. .
scold me ba. . maybe i will feel better haha. .
Let off the com. to concentrate??. . Izzit beta?? ..

28 Dec 05

kirsten-beloved || 12:52 AM


Today when to EC. .
Yeah. . Happy . . My Fav place. .
Meet 11.30am but they all late. .
I go walk walk and draw on the sand. .
I go to Jacter. . [don't know the spelling correct ant. .]
Go back to Mac to wait for them and guess what it rained. .
We eat while waiting rain to stop. . My breakfast at 1+pm. .
We wait for the rain to stop then we go rental. . I go to the usual place where i rental last time. .
Mushroom uncle not there. . wahaha. . but the malay guy there. .
He still remember me worz. . hehe..
Cycle here and there and go to shelter as it rain again. .
Got take some pics there. . but haven't get pics yet. .
It get it then i upload.. okay la. . take carez. .
nitez. . luv ya mis ya. .

kirsten-beloved || 8:26 AM


It been long since the last blog. .
meet up most frenz this week. . tue til sun. .
Quite happy to meet up. . although i really broke le. . lolx. .

Yesterday [fri] want to watch King Kong with some BBB frenz [sh lost lolx. .] . but we never watch at last. . . another a deal. . but nevermind atleast we make the effort to meet up and have mtv session. . lolx. ..

Actually happy is not how many thing you gotten, is the trueness feel toward with the comfortable to be with. . And how you see it. .the word fulfilled. .
thks for all the present and ding dong bell. . hee. . at toa payoh til mid night. .

Today is 25 Dec 2005 is Christmas day and also Dad's birthday. .
Happy Birthday!!
haha. . i gotten a sleep in the afternoon as i can't stand it le. . lolx..
eyes can't open le. .
Go chinatown, see the stuff around. . Wowwo . . gt cusion is 3 for $10. . and those older days stuff. . as well as special kind of stuffs. . Foods around taste good too. .
After all, we begin to singing session. . My straw keep dropping. . haha. . straw pls/ /
we sing not much, i want to condamn the machine, time out after 10 le. . can't sing anymore. .

From chinatown we walk to esplanade but esplanade not that happening enough. . so. .
haha. . back to the first decision. . Orchard. .
OMg. . is crowed and spray around. . is like bathing with just soap. .
after few hours of spray session. . so smelly and yawn. .
Cine-Leisure. . Jiu Xin. . Yoshinoya. . drink and some eating. .
After that Poor Kaili home le. . still got work. . OMG. .. Poor thing. .
heehee. . Take carez worz. .
We change place again as Yoshinoya can't play game. . lolx. .
Coffee bean . . from 2.40am til 3++am. . And they close shop le. .
Next stop. . Shaw house. .
Meet my great friend great Kor there as well after ya finish King Kong. . i wanted to watch but keep on first three row. . haha u watch before me leh. . it has been long since the last met. . about few months. . Hope ya don't mind . . hmm. . don't know leh. . abit bad la. .
Playing til 7am and have my McDonald Big breakfast. . Christmas gift mah??. .//I want more Ex want??. . jk. .
Can with all you guyz. . Is the greater gift le. . I already fulfilled le. .
Thks for the effort. . The gifts. . The laughter. .
Save it in my swt mind. .
Must get a job asap. . I spokeless of words can express. . Really Thks a million. . muckz. .

Wish all of your have a Merry Merry Christmas. .
Take Carez. .

Alittle missing something. . What can i say is some care show but some just ya. . Some care is limited but come isn't. .

Always in my mind. . . Thanks all of you. . luv ya mis ya huggyz hug. .
Tk. ..

Swt Memo
25 Dec 05

kirsten-beloved || 11:00 PM


Hope that thing will not get worst. .
Ya really tired. . Cause me miserable. .
Scare that someone have mistaken. .
Also scare that the someone is trying to bluff. . Better be aware. .
Is already lots of people knew this matter. . Everyone is saying. .
Ya like what that person say they care but what about us??. . Does they really help??. .
Are they fair enough or just one sided??. .
The first incident is because of??. .
Only that person will know it. . And the peopleS around that person will know. .
As if that person choose to lie, i have nothing to say. .
Is better abit but if so called sensitive or what again. .
It will be worst again. .

Rarely know who is the want who create all this stuffs. .
Is really dangerous. .
Don't see a book with just the cover. .

Yesterday can be happy and can be sad. .
Happy to talk to my kor. . Haha. . Really funny and crappy. . make ya let my sadden away and more balance. . really never intend to talk long but ya. . I also wish to go oversea too. . I want to go other place for a peace and fun. . lolx. . How i wish i could. .

Sad is that I know something but ya nevermind if ya choosen to. . I heard that sound, why you choose to lie to me. . yawn. . I should say i have heard wrong, it is not, not that sound??. . haiz. . nevermind. . Really have nothing to say anymore. . Just like me and a wall. . lolx. .

Today have meet so called fu zhu gang, kaili to do PnC Pro. .
And go home to be hungry ghost. . lolx. .
Eat, Eat & still Eat. . finally eat brownie. . & etc. .
Going to be fat soon. . lolx. .

Got German test later i really can't study well. .
I have no mood to study. . I trying to study. .
Trying to cope every single things. .
Keep on doing all the homework and assignment. .
After German still have BIS to study. .
5% more. . 5 Topic. . Must Jia YOu. .
Go Go. . Kirsten. .

And hre i goooess..............
haha. . byebye. . swt dream. . talke good carez. . mis ya. . luv ya. . huggyz hug hugz. .
Study time. .
A better day tomorrow. . Forget the sadden & Cheer. . Happy memorise stay. . .

19 Dec 05

kirsten-beloved || 8:36 AM


Actually end school at 1pm today but we told ERP lecturer about we are going to funeral so ya. . . . . . 11.15am we go off le. .

I go home change my clothes to other colour and remove my nail polish before going. It is really funny. . With my bunch of BBB frenz. .. Guess how many time i have took the cab??. .
Really can imagine that. . is 5 time per day. .

1st time is because my another frenz have reach yet so we come out of the cab. .
2nd time is because the uncle don't know how to go to sim ming blk 37 and know what he called us get out of the cab. . omg. . lolx. .
3rd time finally get a cab to sim ming. .
4th time is after funeral go Tanglin Mall acc my frenz take pay. .
5th time is my frenz wish to go elsewhere. .

Today will be the last time seeing that frenz. .
Tomorrow morning will be taken to ya le. .
Hmmm. . She will go somewhere else. .
That place is everyone will go de. . but is only early or later. .
Gd bye..... Take care........

Is quite sad. . When hearing those day and ya. .
It has been becoming memorise. .
Seeing the tear of frenz. . Say no no. . And the tear fallen backward into the heart. .
Must happy saying gd bye. .

End here. . Good Nitez. . I Miss You. . Luv ya.......... Huggyz Hugz Hugz.. .

kirsten-beloved || 7:33 AM


Wake up after feeling okay with my stomach. . .
Actually never intend to blog today but i have received some news from my BBB frenz. .
Not long ago some frenz of mine have passed away. .
She is a very good person but sad to say she has left us to another place. .
Ya BBB frenz, cheer up don't sad. . She also doesn’t wish to see us sad de. . and also maybe is a better way to cure the pain that she is suffering. . .
At here i want to say farewell and peace on the way.........
Although i know her not very well but she is really a nice frenz. .
A frenz a good want who i will keep in heart..........
Be strong, no tear seeing. . . I couldn't deny is upset hearing this news. . .

Hearing fm95 while doing my homework in the middle of the night yesterday. .
The DJ say one thing, which i think is quite true. .
[Don't mean that both people are very close; mean that must be super glue / chopstick. No matter when one goes another must follow everywhere. .]
I might be doing my own stuff but i want you guy to know i am still here. .
Still here and try to meet up you all people. . I really miss those days. . .
Nowadays i am save money in order to out for season. .
Out with my bunch of BBB frenz is a must that i wouldn't miss......... We never meet frequently like last time but ya know me well. . . All have thing to work on. . .
I will try my best to meet up all my nice frenz around as possible. . .
Just now i received a unknown number call. . My frenz give my number to people. . Shit sia. . Don't know what de. . Just don't care and will be fine. . . OMG. . i don't want AnyOne Else. . I know what i want. . Just stay away pls....I'm not anyone kind....... I am just me, myself and i.........

Lastly, treasure what you have. . Time is really precious. . Who will know what is next..Future. . . After writing, the shine is not appearing in my eyes ball but deep in my bleeding heart. . . . . I MISS YOU...................... YOU ALL..........................
take care always...............mis ya. . .. luv ya. . .. huggy hugz hugz. ..

13 Dec 05

kirsten-beloved || 7:04 AM


Boring. . .
What am i doing? . . I also not sure. . lolx. .
Trying to study but so sian so tired. .
I really don't know what i am i doing. .
I only thing i know is Season coming. . Merry Merry Christmas. .
How i hope gather all frenz and go happening. .
Ya..... Some is going to happening yeah. . But ya. . . . .

Ya i misssssssssss....................................
Reach upon that day. . Merry Merry. . lolx. .
Out go relax. . yeah. .
Only got one me. . so try to meet up more frenz as possible. .
It been long i nv go out with my other frenz le........ woww.....
Really Misssssssss Many Many People......... I miss you pple........
Kirsten miss is miss ohh don't miss ur study and other thing too horz. .
Otherwise you will missed alot of things. . lolx. .
Stop crap. . k k . . end........... Assignment again.....

12 Dec 05

kirsten-beloved || 6:58 AM


Feeling so useless. . so dump. . [da ben dan * 100]
Whatever i also know half way. . yawn. .
So unsatisfact. .
I want peace. .. Give me a break. .
Yeah better got appettite abit le. . "Ou Sir " also okay le. . but somehow still full filled w/o eating. . Don't worry wouldn't lose weight de, only will gain weight. . lolx. .

I must save up. . otherwise no more Merry Merry Christmas but billing Christmas. . lolx. .
Be a bird. . being locked. . Til the day we all have fun. .
Reach upon that day. . My BBB and etc. . . .

Got assignment to do. . Trying to figure out now. . okay should end here. .

End with my Luv ya. . Miss ya. . Huggyz. . Swt dream. .
Waiting....................... Hoping................. for the something for christmas. . . .

Xiang Si
11 Dec 05

kirsten-beloved || 4:58 AM


I need to be a bird from now on. .
A bird which is not carefree but being locked. . lolx. .
Not because of bill only, but also season is coming. . Must save, so as inorder to enjoy abit also. . Start my planning from now on. . This year might not be the same as last year christmas ba. . 15 more day count from nw. .

It been long i never touch on this number. . since the last called. .
But somehow i will think of a frenz like you again. .
Last year during this time we was chatting and planning meet up on christmas. . Now we are busy doing own stuff. . School work and etc. .
I wish to have a nice long chat as i don't know when will be the another time to say hello again. .But still i didn't. .I don't want to be ben dan. . Will we be out again?. . i couldn't know. . Just stay in my heart remind a frenz that i wldn't forget. .
Take care always. . Luv ya. . Mis ya. . Huggyz. .
10 Dec 05

kirsten-beloved || 2:51 AM


A temp blog skin. . Some of the blog skin can't work well. .
So nice. . can be a ballet dancer since younge. .

Finally my most worry & fierce had passed. .
Just finish Data Structure. . hmm okok. . abit nervous at first. .
Tomorrow will be Ms wrd test. . haha sure be ok ba. . not harder then Data??. .

Ohh ya change this blog then my tag board can't see so change to this tag board instead. .

No appetite this few day. . maybe due to the "Ou Sir ba". .

Okay should end here i am tired. .

Waiting for Christmas. . Miracle and etc..........
Go Out and have fun... yeah..

Take carez. . mis ya luv ya. . swt dream........ hugz. .

kirsten-beloved || 9:47 AM


I am having a big headache now. .
is like the surrounding keep spinning. .
Feeling "Men Men De". . Feel like vomiting but no. .

Have sleep for awhile but still the same. .
No appetite. . trying to eat, but eat whatever also no taste. .

Have been out of lecture room this afternoon, while leacturer are giving lecture til 30min before the lecture end. . haha naughter. . been say by lecturer. . next time must sit there be good girl??. . lolx. .

Tomorrow have Data Structure & Algorithm test. . OMG!! faint soon. .
The Last most Worry for this week only tomorrow. . as the Friday test sure be okay ba. . Ms word. .

Pls work smartly and work hard girl. . Sky wldn't be always blue for you. . Do cherish. . . . . . . .

Thanks people who are there, let me feel that i am still a life. .
Thanks for the offer i know u are real great. . But brought myself is better. . I will keep ur token of appreciation in my heart. .
Thanks alot people. . Luv urs alot. .

Take carez. . All the best people. . Busy week for test. . Jia You. .

Feeling tired. . okay shld end here. . and continue another time. . . .

Miss all u people. . Tomorrow a better say. . Reach upon my Christmas. . Reach upon all my dearer frenz. . Reach upon the miracle. . Reach upon the day. . Muckzz. .

Beloving Blog
7 Dec 05

kirsten-beloved || 8:14 AM


Sleep late yesterday and the day before .. don't really know why. .. maybe too much think on hand to think le ba. .
End school at 4pm but do project til 6pm. .
Data Structure & Algorithm test this thursday. .
I feel like the day have come to the end. . So hopeless. .
I really don't understand. . Keep on catching train. . I am tired. . Extremely tired. .
Now i don't know why. . I can't breath properly. . I feel uneasy. .
Like last time asthma is attacking. . But not really like. .

End here. . go do my endless work. . lolx. .

Take carez always. .

kirsten-beloved || 7:18 AM


Ya. . That is my fav. . I put alot of effort to achieve it. . For years i am learning. .
Today i misplace it. . Indeed my heart was bleeding. . My test. . My Math. .

Never say die. . Another test coming, also a test that i am afraid of. . that's Data structure and Algorithme. . Let pray hard. . Gd Luck people. . ...~**'

Really feel like changing thing. . cut short or go happening or add colors or. .. But need money. . What can i say now is step by step to the goal. .

End here. . Must do homework for german and etc. .

Cheer. . Stay happy always .. Reach upon a pleasant day....................
Waiting. ..

Care ohh.. Mis ya. . Luv ya. . swt ahh. . Huggy hug hugz. .

05 Dec 05

kirsten-beloved || 6:45 AM


Time to study again. .

Yesterday sleep at 3am in the morning as my relative all staying at my grandma house to have fun ..
I am super tired. . study half way and sleep. . really can't stand reading book for long. . lolx. . will cause me to drown with the book. .

Wake up at 10am. . Meet them at woodland to study math. . meet at 12+pm but i came late. . lolx. . as i help my mum do something. .
Eat at 6pm and reached home at about 8pm. . see abit of Hong Xin Da Jiang. . heee. . got Chen Han Wei, although people say he is those kind but i like his talent. . actor and fashion design, know how to play music instrument too. .
Like Kelly clarkson, Luo Zhi Xiang, Yang Chen Ling, Wu Ke Qu, Sun Yan Zi, Wen Lan and many new song alot, nice. . Change blogskin again. . lolx. .

okay i shall stop here and proceed my study. . Off i go. . God bless for tomorrow.. .
All the best people. ..

Swt dream tonight. . care ohh. . Huggyz hug hug. . luv ya.. .

04 Dec 05

kirsten-beloved || 7:22 AM


Really super duper tired. .
i don't know why. .
i sleep at 3 plus in the morning, as i doing my German home work. .
i wake up in the morning 9:30am with three missed call. .
OMG. . i meet my friend 9am to jog. . haha. . my friend come my house sit first then we go jog at 10am. . Sorry ya buddy. .
After walk fast fast for two round we go home bath and go accompany her to orchard to submit thing. . Go Paza Singapura to search for her anti virus software. .
And rush home, reached home at 3pm and see note til i fallen asleep. .

i haven't study yet. . i just awake not long ago. . gonna be dead. .
four different test ba. . . data structure and algorithm, computing mathematic, Sem Pro test on excel + ms word, Sem Pro pass up assignment, German assignment & still got still have something. . what is that?? must find out. . God bless. . haha. . after this coming week will be better ba.. as lesser load. . oh ya. . Business Infomation. . must read before hand.......................

Can i did it??? k la i should begin.............. byebye..................

tortise must work hard and walk faster.................. reach upon Christmas. . . reach upon the holiday. .
reach upon the day to meet up once again. .

kirsten-beloved || 2:38 AM

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