Brand new life style after chicken pox..
First day of training.. hmmm.. okok.. but i know there are more to learn to experience to go through..
At first quite mute toward but at the end know some of them and some quite funny.. One person call me "Darling" instead of "YanLing" shit la.. lolx.. make me so pai sey.. Coz of my ling.. *faint.. Know why" Darling" coz "Darling toothpaste" ma.. keke..
Got one work mate same situation as me.. Same age, don't have dad & i forget what le..

Today is the worse dressing i am wearing & i am like going to funeral that kind..
Black and white.. keke..

I am waiting.. I dare not make the move le.. Tired.. Don't know what is actually..

Cheer for the day!! Yeah.. Smile Always..
And lastly i want to go after mark fully heal.. I want to go.. I wish to go.. Wait for me.. I want high high high... lolx..

(",) Rena Yan Ling..

kirsten-beloved || 6:04 AM


Now trying to find song.. One is Eng song and another is Chi..
But i couldn't find.. I listen this two song through mp3 de fm and record down..
But just small portion..

Been to Interview today..
Just anyhow try luck.. Not finding those holiday work only but school started also as well..
Think of those interviewers, some strange and weird as well, as they never say is selling what product and etc so ya.. So funny and some alittle serious.. But i think this is the funniest interview and no fear toward..
Although today is find job mission but i enjoy outing with this 2 girl.. A and J..
Cause mad like nobody business kind.. Mad in the sense of talking crap and prawn those funny kind.. Really when to roll on the floor liao.. May because of never sleep well last night, my frenz have talk Meh Meh language, Count too much Sheep le.. SMU become SM Meh.. lolx..

Fun at the outside but there is lots thing puzzle in the inside.. Haiz..
Afraid of walking the wrong path, but i know no matter what path atleast is i choose myself..
Step by step, don't rush, don't panic girl..
Somehow i guess i think too much, maybe is just normal... why did it bordering me.. maybe is i recieved the wrong reception so ya..
Opps thur start training.. maybe rest too much and now trying to back to channel now i can't sleep..

I now wish to find my BBB Frenz..[buddies] find them before they off work and have a great chat.. So miss those day.. now is got but hardly have time sometime.. Feeling so tired and sick of life.. Sometime i don't know what to say anymore but saying Sian/Haiz.. Never except anyone cheer my day as i know happy is how you see it.. I never have this so feeling before that makes me so hard that can't release it before..

Where have Rena gone??..

p/s : anony as she is much more stronger then what you think of.. :)
she just want to release abit..

Thks frenz i have decide either k700i or v3??.. v3, i like the design.. k700i gt more function.. aaa... hope i choose correctly.. by this fri or sat will get it ba.. xie xie ni men for the gift.. dan dan, li, jia, moi, qi and toot toot train..

hmm today is cousin bday.. Happy Birthday yeah... My sweety cousin.. She is a very good girl indeed, help up and etc..

kirsten-beloved || 9:30 AM


Most people will feel that best time of the day is Sleeping, but what i feel was not.. lolx.. topical??..
Best time of the day is Bathing, as it is so refreshing &..

Now set my line clear..
Try my best and against my Lazyness..[vs L]
Everyone will success, with the small thing or great thing..
As long as you put in effort, no effort will be waste..

I'm 20 loz, I don't want to give any burden to any.. I have more to set and achieve it.. Now trying to settle things.. Hope that i have found a stable job and stable income.. No want wish to be useless i believe and no want wish to give a burden to other..So work hard.. Treat family better and better life..

There is time whereby you needed to left aside as there are more important to be done. . The Xin Yi that given will be place in heart. .

The spirit of Eagle!! Yeah!!..
Go for a jog feeling better, i jog is not because of slim or etc..
Just wanted to release myself.. Whenever i want to look down, i will try to look up above the sky.. Looking at the stars above and tell myself not to stop, go for my destination..

Hope that Everyone is fine.. Jia You for Everything You Do..
Take Carez..

2 more plus week will be sch start.. Another sem again.. More to face.. More to look upon.. yeah..
Pray for better day..

Should end here and rest for my better tomorrow..
Some Chinese New Year pic that have taken.. Enjoy..

Swing worz.. at my hair styler house.. lolx.. but she no more work there le so sad.. take by frenz hp.. Nice horz her house.. So swt being invite to this warm hse..

chinatown during chinese new year with family..

me and cousin..using sis hp take de..

kirsten-beloved || 7:55 AM


Present... yeah...

She is trying to open.. worz.. so many wrapping paper..

Act cute style.. keke..

Make a wish gurl.. I wish I wish..

Only salad i can eat.. lolx.. and not all food.. this is my special menu, my bday card frm cousins..

March babies de cake... yummy.. so tempting but..

Cousins... 86, 85, 84 & 79

Blow candle time..

Strawberry looks great with heart shape...

Mi Mi.. Tat's Mi.. So restless aft recover...

We are the younger.. haha.. 86...

kirsten-beloved || 7:09 AM


Finally my connection to internet is okay le. .
Really dislike to be useless at home. .
So always try to be useful. .
Do whatever i can. . tidy up and etc. .
Somehow don't know why.. I feel blankz. . with blur imagine. . star flying. .
Sometime also don't know what to talk as ya maybe time not right or. .
Actually feel there are lots to talk but suddenly mouth become mute. .
Waiting for my sunshine and out for money and frenz. .
Miss ya. .
Some frenz are having exam some are having project now ..
Some working. . Some holiday. .
take care everyone. .
okay la i really tired. . i almost forget about my passsword. . lolx.. after days. .

kirsten-beloved || 9:48 PM


Some Guy are. .
"Juan", "Po ma", "Wanted Face". .
but "Juan" is better then "Po Ma". .
"Juan" then you can see the true color of them. .
as if "Po ma", is very what. .
Cause if want say want don't want say don't want mah
Don't make one whole round. .
The more it turns, the more the hurt. .
They wouldn't tell the problem to their love one. .
lolx. . Is it true your go find out. . lolx. .
This is what i feel so too. . lolx. . I listen too many radio and show liao. .

As for Girl. .
"Kou Shi Xin Fei"
We will something that we don't meant to. . lolx. .
When. . . . . .

Sometime i feel Girl don't be too Stupid..
Always let them climb over. . lolx. .
Hard abit. . If not they treat you as granted. .
Not say always but ya if time to. .

They song really wahh. . By Wong Lee Hong. .

If time to go. . Let go ba. .

kirsten-beloved || 11:01 PM


Why does i msg u??. .
Why does u mis cal me??. .
Why does it is a accidently??. .
Why become so cold??. .
Why become so stranger to one another?. .
Why there is no word anymore?. .
Why?? .. haiz. .
Once again i tear with the song. .
With the everything that came through my mind. .
Why does memory so hard to forget??. .
Arhh??. . Why are u so good and now yet so cold. .
I have a terrible headache after all. . .
I can't slp. .
I more and more dislike guy. .
Dislike the fake, the po ma and etc. .
no lie k. .
oh no. . Don't let me feel so dislike. .
I am afraid that every guy i will treat as dead. .

kirsten-beloved || 12:32 PM


Very sad. .
What actually planned, may not be the out come. .
Is unpredictable. .
After plan to work after exam. . but end up c-pox. .
Now everyday is facing c-pox ..
Eat thing also must think what can eat what can't eat. .
Eat the same thing over and over. .
Food become nothing to me. . No feeling. .
At home let me think more. .
So boring .. Only tv cure my boreness. .
I guess everyone have found their job le ba ..
I also rarely know who always there when i need. .


haha. . saying this make me more sad. . more bore change topic. .
watching tv today. . ch55. .
very nice. . title of the show is TIAN SHOU YE YE / My family. .
very nice. .
very funny. .
at first the actor treat the girl as assistant. .
got romour about them at magazine say they together. .
but the actor explain to the reporter that they are not. .
then this actor's brother treat this girl very good. .
this actor's brother have fall for her. .
one day he make 100 cakes for that girl and told her he had fallen for her. .
woow. . got one call for that girl. . so that girl have answer the actor's brother yet. .
another day the actor propose to that girl also. .
after so many day he also found out that he like this girl. .
is really funny. . nonody want now both like. . lolx. .




kirsten-beloved || 3:29 AM


Thks alot to people. . who care about me ..
Thks Kaili for acc me take cab to school. . lolx..
Thks Mummy who cook for me. . If not i really whole day eat bread le. .
After so many thing i rarely know who is there. . who is not. .

Watch show. . Yu le Bai fen Bai and superstar and so on. .
Got one thing really funny. .
Got one guy name A. .
know a girl name B through surfing net. .
A's frenz say this girl B very nice and pretty. .
Got one time when A and B meet up. .
B told A that when the door open at this level you will see me ..
When A arrived. . He was shock. . lolx. .
he thought still have some one else behind. .
But nt .. The want is B le. .
Is a danger to know frenz through net. . lolx. . be aware. . lolx. .

This months many people birthday worz. .
I miss my cake . . lolx.. can't eat Jian Fei. . lolx. .

kirsten-beloved || 4:32 AM

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