Schooling have turn bore..
Nowaday schooling is not just book and you..
Is the different kind of lecturer around.. The people around or etc.. Might afact your mood..

The first two week of school, i started to have two module dropping down percent til abt to 90+%.. One of the module is maybe because of the first day that i never bring admin card ba.. another want is i late...

Days become haiz.. Just like to put on ear piece and listening mp3..

Just complete my access.. Decide to put some pic ture before sleeping.. Yoz Jiali i send to mail le.. Online send u k..

Clever lorz.. shoot my clothes and my bubble tea only.. lolx..

This pic taken at Block E toilet... lolx.. too bore nothing better to do..

She rush i still playing.. lolx..

While waiting.. Shoot here and there again.. lolx..

Why still haven't come out.. I gona be Ji Lian Po Le La.

Get a Garfield from my sis.. lolx.. Buy for me de...

This song is by Dai Ai Ling.. Some quite meaningful la.. The lyric say that rather empty hand til a real treasure great hugz fallen upon.. And also it mention can't because of the loneliness and make the silly move..

Sometime is so far........... Sometime is so near........... Sometime just lost.......

Good nitez frenz... sweet dream...

kirsten-beloved || 12:19 PM


My feeling was Sian...

Hao Xiang Nian Yi Qian.. Bu Xiang Zai Xiang.. Xiang Dao Xiang Nian.. Xiang Dao Si Nian.. Xiang Dao Kan Kai.. Xiang Dao Liu Lei..

Cong Qian Cong Qian, Miao Miao Cong Bian Chen BUTTERFLY Fei Zhou Le..

Qiang Yan Huan Xiao... Du Guo Mei Yi Tian...

Entertain... Entertain... Entertain...
Entertain Me...

Sometime just wondering what am i here for.. Bring joy around??... bleahz.. ;->

kirsten-beloved || 9:12 AM


Trying to put the song by Zhong Dong Liang, but can't..
No fate.. The Title: Your Heart My Heart.. Keep Repeating.. Really damn nice..
Click on Youtube to see ba.. Change to Hei Se Mao Yi, Jay song also one of the song i like..

My time was occupied.. Ya there are still a little time here and there but tired..
Not school then work, if not then both.. Also good i no need to think about any thing..

About school i feel abit stress.. I feel the kick.. I must improve my English.. As this semester is more on reading and understanding, report and etc..

hmmm today my colleage and manager bluff me say i work til 6pm.. actually is 2pm.. but i have work extra today.. work til 3.15pm.. I never told them i no school on Monday or else i really can die.. No time to do my homework and etc le..

Sunday when out with my pri good frenz.. hehe.. aim alots of things.. We waiting pay to come and pay.. But still need pay other thing first haha.. Waiting..

My xiao di the best always help me and the rest.. Thks alot.. Thks for the card too.. And congrate loz.. //You know what i mean la// haha.. Actually got improve in your writing le.. Really, as compare to your previous reference paper..

Nowaday seldom have chance to dl song.. chatting also seldom le.. Not like last time.. I am like eating panadol kind now.. so sleepy.. But yet i am here as i afraid to become lazy pig.. Afraid of turning fat after chickenpox too.. But just "shun qi zhi ran".. As too much care turn worse.. Leave it as nature toward any stuff..

If got the heart, will remember.. If no, also can't qiang qiu..
You remember ma?.. haha. .

hmmm.. frenz at SIM de.. Exam is round the corner.. Gan Bu Tse.. Jia You.. And Take Care..
Liang Li's don't care them, they are just ru ren.. lolx.. I agreed...
As for us.. Hope to cope with this new semester..
Li's Two.. I want to follow your trend le.. lolx.. But i change the word... Here i go... Like me Like me Like Me Like Me Like.. lolx..

Okay end here enough crappz is bed time.. Bone is cracking.. I want to have an hair cut, so irritating so messy..

Mis Ya........ Luv MicYa... Swt Ah.... Care Ohh....
Happy Tomorrow...

kirsten-beloved || 9:46 AM


Disappointed with myself..
I don't know why, i needed awake 2hrs before school start.. Otherwise i will sure late..
What thing have i done??.. So slow??.. Alemah..
School started 3 days le..

1st day not really consider as late but still erm...
2nd day 5 mins and is lecture.. 3rd day 35min late worse..
Third day, i took bus there as i card no money liao, so go near by straight bus school.. reached that bus stop waited for 20min then have bus coming.. Omg.. Plus estimate wrong timing..
Sorry if i never late then ur wouldn't sign my attendant first and get scold..

That lecturer fierce sia.. Female Tiger.. sian liao..
First lesson call us buy aditional book, about to $30.. and just use for practical.. Practical needed the book information to do and pass up tmr.. So last minutes.. So meant.. God bless for further lesson...
And i think i needed to be punished... I MUST NOT LATE..
After holiday become tortise.. lolx..

Yesterday was like so shake... sch 8-3pm then rush down for interview for giordano.. needed part timer then call us if we being employ in one week time.. then go work at watson.. All appetite gone.. Air all inside liao... Having irregular eating, either eat too much or no appetite liao as by the time i can eat is too late all air go in..lolx..

I think i addicted to vanilla milkshake.. Maybe i can't eat strawberry ice kachang for the time being so this become my next choice.. lolx... My schedule change for this Saturday le.. actually is 10-2pm i wok but change to 6pm end instead of 2pm... faint...... Is alrite..

School day.. Sian.. I know but what can i do.. Those bads around i don't know.. haiz.. Sometime when someone trying to be good to you ask you okay mah? why xin shi cong cong.. But are they the want who really care or they are just.. Sometime you might found someone say this but yet nt the want who know you well or really care you.. Don't care those la.. haiz..

Still got good people around, i very happy loz..
Those help you.. and not fake to you.. lolx..

I am going to drown in the deep blue sea loz.. Omg.. Listen til fly.. But scare to fly to high drop down from the sky.. lolx.. Listen til the dust ard my have blow aways for the moment... Might not be the best or prefect but special..

Maybe i should not think what if i can't give.. I should say i will try and do my best.. Fail to do so, i also never regret, as i try... Rite mah?.. Yeah...

kirsten-beloved || 9:06 AM


17th started sch but our class Monday is no sch de...
So 18th.. Today.. Wakeup in the early morning 6am..
And morning call time.. Afraid that we all late so give morning call..
But still alittle late for lesson..
Omg remind each other this and that but we have forgotten to bring admin card..
keke.. lucky gt chance but tmr can't le..

Today my feeling was like this song.. Lan Yang Yang de.. No mood to study.. Or can say abit gong after holiday.. But must adjust back to school day..
Being 2nd yrs student loz.. hehe.. Time really files fast..
I am just afraid that i can't cope with.. But should be okay de.. Cause i am Yan Ling.. lolx.. Keep on trying... yeah....

Incase i forget put dwn the schedule of this month..
19th ~> 8-3pm sch, going out with frenz awhile and go work at 6-10.30pm..
20th ~> 8-5pm at sch..
21th ~> 10-2pm work, 5.10-9.30pm sch..
22th ~> 10-2pm sch and maybe go cck after that..
23th ~> out with pri sch frenz..

24th ~> 10-2pm work..
25th ~> 8-6pm sch..
26th ~> 8-3pm sch, 6-10pm work..
27th ~> 8-5pm sch..
28th ~> 5.10-9.30pm sch...
29th ~> 10-2pm work...
30th ~> 2-10pm work...

kirsten-beloved || 6:57 AM


Today blur like sotong..
Thing that need to arrange is at another area de but i do at that area..
Make myself more work.. Alemah..
then needed to put back again.. keke..
Then they disturb me and make fun.. lolx..
Not only this.. i don't know how many sotong i have make today..
They still say cute??.. Omg..

Btw i get in to Entrepreneurship le.. Yuppy yeah yeah...

Okay i shall end here.. And i know thing will change as the time goes by..
Maybe is a good want or bad want... Maybe get closer or drift apart..

Good nite take carez...

Miz ya.......

kirsten-beloved || 8:00 AM


It been quite sometime since my last wrote.. lolx..
My sister taken my key so.. lolx..

Change to this song very nice love song.. Heard it in car while my funny couple de frenz driving..

9th April has been out with my long lost frenz.. It's been years since the last met..
Here the pic goes ->>

My Gift de Pic for Bday ->>....

Pay Visit Day With Relatives ->>...

Going Out Searching Gift With My Dan Dan...

Breakfast Maggie Mee.. Before Meeting Dan Dan..

At Coffee Bean...

Celebrate Belated With NYP Classmate & Huili Birthday ->>...

After work while waiting them.. too bore take pic.. lolx..

Christopher, Pei Yi & Huili..

They follow by Kaili & Me.. Lastly Birthday Girl Huili...

I opening present.. hehe..

After Wheel-Rock Suhi Sushi We saw this..

Walk walk.. Dearest Li good taste.. Nice Roxy Jacket..

Nice cheese cake but i can't eat..

They trying to eat..

Left some.. They can't take it anymore.. lolx..

nice??.. keke..
End of the day...

Shu yu Be Early Birthday ->>

Shu Yu & Me...

Help her take bag for awhile.. funny horz.. lolx..

Ex sec classmate aka ite sch mate.. Been to Shu Yu Birthday BBQ..

Kaili, Shu Yu & Me..

Boring Day ->>...

At Bus... Seeing Scenery...

Yesterday been to Geylang see prostitude while driving pass..
Omg is like lining up along the street loz.. and front so low.. bottom so short..
Don't understand why so many Uncle there and some younger..
Even got Ba Po.. And is like going forward if there is some people in car only..
They all trying to attract guy..

Today go Changi village see Ba Po.. Wahh is like guy change to girl but yet so nice figure and etc... But if we go later it's going to be dangerous as more Ba Po there and they will surround your car..

Thanks for all the funny.. Effort and etc..
Going to school start 2 day more only..
Monday will not have school and fri is like yawn til 9.30 pm..

Tue 8-6pm..Wed 8-2.50pm.. Thur 8-5pm.. Fri 5.10-9.30pm..

Got to save up to buy book on Monday..
Hope Ms Wong will let me get in to Entreprenue as i nv opt out for German 2..
If can't Entreprenue i rather Marketing or accounting then German 2..

Miss so many thing... I want to have any hair cut.. and change.. I am sick of this image liao..

No more last time de pic le that they send to me.. lolx.. Is at my old poor hp..

kirsten-beloved || 2:03 PM


Why Some Singapore guy want to find Ji Nui those come from whatever de..
Those Cheap Girl.. Suck Men..
Those guy also yawn.. no word to say..
Got wife le still find.. So Unfaithful.. Suck..

Now then i know.. For so long.. Years.. Today i over heard..
A person which i think he is the best of all.... Now is like fairytale back to real life..
I act blur pretend i never heard it, so that they wouldn't feel bad tolding me the angel become devil.. They thought i never heard it but..
My eyes wana shine le.. But still smile so that they wouldn't know i over heard.. As i was listening song with my ear piece..

Tomorrow after work still need to call up Ms Wong and go school settle the elective course matter... Sian if i know i opt out at the first place..

Today not bad worz.. go out with my Primary school good friend.. It been so long since the last met.. Years loz... And finally we meet up.. Is a little quiet at first as so long very talk le.. But at last.. haha.. Next time get pay le settle all thing le go out again..

I wouldn't like last time.. I wouldn't make the move anymore................................

kirsten-beloved || 7:33 AM


6 of Apr been to Suki Sushi after work with my frenz, the sushi mei lolx..
Alemah sia so many thing can't eat..
Only Tofu and plain rice with soya sause..
Is the worse time i been there.. And suddenly my phone ring..
Guess what the person make wrong timer to delivery the hp..
So call them and arrange the time again.. About 7+pm the hp then arrived and my frenz and i start try out..

7 of Apr, wake up in the early morning as i used to wake up when i do morning shift..
I was like so Jelly.. and Accompany my frenz to meet another frenz at Sim Lim..
Very funny thing is that we are discussing what to buy for tmr at the phone and we are at the same place..
So co-inccident we met at the village.. lolx..
After awhile and rush to work..
Today learn new thing.. Make me dizzy.....
The person say wanted to teach me cashiering lately...
OMG~ although not the first time i do cashiering before but....
Shall end here tomorrow early morning needed go pay visit... So the tired..

Miss so much thing.. Oh ya needed to write letter to opt out for the german 2.. Needed valid reason.. Alemah how to write so is more approperiate??..

So Pic taken... lolx...

I wish to listen to Jay Song and Lin Jun Jie song.. Jay i want Ye Qu and many.. Esp someone who "mo fang" want.. lolx.. Just change to this song in my blog by Lin Jun Jie i like this song.. yeah yeah//

I have try the True Analysis test.. And Blue one is my outcome.. lolx..
Is it really true??.. Let try out..

You are a person who is willing to share.
Any friends that came along, you will accept and trust them completely.
What you want in your life is half fullfilled.
You are weak in your life and tends to be fragile.
You have high sex drive.
You have a few good friends in your life.
Your last relationship is good and it's still fresh in your heart.
When your partner is around, you will stick around with him/her most of the time.
You get a high ego.
A humble personality is in you.
You are not in good terms with your friends.
Your partner is pure and good in your heart.
Your partner is a very homely and humble person.
You keep your problems to yourself whenever you are met with problems.

kirsten-beloved || 10:36 AM


Actually off tmr But become got work 10-2pm..
Last minutes de.. Anyway nevermind.. As think morning nothing only afternoon and evening wait for hp arrive.. lolx.. Yeah..
After work saw 2 of my Ex sch mate.. Couple, both i know de.. lolx.. Luckily i am on way home...
We all was like shocking face.. lolx.. Cause the world is so small.. Sometime you never think it will come out..

My family now then know i work at Watson.. Is my aunty noticed de, as i iron the clothes...
I also don't know how to ans when people say why i work there..
Happy working there mah???.. hmmm... okok loz, i still will smile, will fun with.. Just work til that day being hitted... Just anyhow work got stable pay can le.. Wait til i found my sweet land shop.. lolx..

So tired.. After few day of mid night 3am or 4am sweet dream and wake in the early morning... and also cause that stupid shoes.. Tmr no worry le as i just bought a pair of shoes.. Money gone with the shoes haha. .

So miss to go out.. Go Many place.. So miss some of the food.. Waiting to Eat it out..

Will the time fake thing away??... Will time drift apart thing??..

Goods are worth waiting..

The only thing i know is time heal everything...

So starting soon..

Take carez.. Mis ya.. Luv ya.. Swt ahh..

kirsten-beloved || 8:57 AM


Today clean the shelves, record the stock expired date..
The part time colleage ask me wanted to work at basement, selling clothes de but don't know leh.. and my time maybe not match.. And somemore i don't wish to hope job unless it really can't make it.. I still ok.. And i don't really know that part timer long..

The show "bride 18" really nice.. Watch twice still nice.. The Campus star life party also nice.. Very funny.. Feel like paying the cd to listen.. lolx..

Today really give me a great shocked.. I try to see timetable for my coming sem which is 1 week plus time.. Can't view as haven't ready yet.. So i view the module that registered.. The elective course, i kana German 2.. Oh Goshhh~ i don't want to continue that languge again.. I know you like me too much.. haha joking.. maybe too much people opt out first le and my mark okok kind so haha.. but i don't want liao.. Cause German 2 needed more time, German 1 i aready try hard le German 2 will be extremelly hard loz.. Btw the teacher really very nice, very patient but not now.. Furture maybe then study that.. I gona opt out frm that.. I wanted Entre or Accounting course.. lolx..

Sometime i just wondering why i typing blog??.. For who see sia??.. I know one ans that is prevent i forgotten what i did.. For myself to see.. lolx.. Esp this blog is more Closed.. Don't wish creature to disturb.. keke..

So many people is feeling down..
Don't feel down k.. As I don't wish to see your down.. keke..
Is like a cheerful frenz of mine suddenly so down..
My heart also melt le.. But i can't do anything..
Only can Ai Mo Wu Zu / Ai Mo Nan Zu / Ai Mo Neng Zu.. wahaha chiness bad ya i not sure which one????..
Nothing that is can't solve de.. And happy is how you see it..
Always see and listen to those saddy, sky also turn dark..
Try to see the better view around you.. Those rainbow.. You will really feel better..
When you feel that your life become so dark don't forget there are still someone there and you are not alone.. Maybe it isn't me but other too..
Support you always..
Cheer up.. My Dearest Frenz around.. :D

kirsten-beloved || 8:07 AM


Yesterday Campus Super show was great, both got their original self of singing..
But Zhi Yang really did better overall that day.. He really great as he is a top student in study and yet singing too.. Terresa voice was very clear and high pitch.. Sunshine girl too but i don't know why i feel ermm . . . . . Hmmm anyway i just see only, not those like til like mad..

Today i accidentally drop the Bio-essence tester on the floor???? omg~ They need people on 15 th but i got thing on that day, before i work i already told the interviewer.. really don't know how leh.. I know your need but.. Don't know.. i feel so ya... Okok at there but don't feel that right.. Somehow of unbelong.. I miss my ex-colleage.. they make me feel more welcome.. I don't know why.. Maybe time heal..

Anyway this month 1st to 14th they have planned..
3, 4, 5, 10, 12, 13, 14 is working 10-2pm..
7 is 6-10pm..

Is the shorter working hrs i even work ba..
the lesser pay i am getting too.. lolx..

Seems like some frenz is low in mood.. Cheer :p..
Smile for the day everything will be fine de..

waiting for the timetable out to tell them my schedule..

Whatever you are doing.. Wish you all the best.. Ya is you the want who seeing this blog..

Care ohh.. Mis ya.. Luv ya.. Swt yeah..

kirsten-beloved || 7:37 AM


haha today date is quite a special want..
02/04/06, as u can see is added 2 to the mth and frm the mth added 2 to the year..
Nothing much to blog, just hope that everything will be fine..
hmm today go pay visit to my Dad.. is really hot weather and many people..
Got people put paper at my dad "gu hui" area.. If i know who, i really wana scold that fellow.. lolx..
How dare the person..
Tomorrow work.. God bless it is smooth.. After work i wana accompany mother as she never work tomorrow yeah..

Got one special date 20 / 06 / 2006.. Anyone wish to or... Can choose this date.. keke..

Mis ya.. Swt ah.. Care ohh.. Luv yeah..


kirsten-beloved || 9:13 AM


Never work today as i need to go pay visit my Great Grand at "Da Bei Yuan"..
Along that road it remind me of my childhood days..
where most of the day we will help up my mother and grandma at market..
Stay til night with relative making dumpling.. It'as is the nicer lorz but the market have destroyed to do other stuff, so ya no more selling..
I still remember the dog chasing me.. lolx..
Saw something that's is unusual..
The shopping centre that we eat ice cream.. the mac and etc..

There is a comparative for selling light, Dou Sai Pin, Bu Gu Tek.. As there are variety of this kind of shop there..

Why i work there although that pay is not my usual pay?.. hmmm.. i also don't know, just that stable and normal company ba.. My foots is burning loz.. Standing the whole day with that shoes.. as my presentation shoes that i have wear once have disappear??.. I also don't know where have it gone to, i have turn my house upside down but the shoes and my fav 3/4 black jean.. Borrow to someone mah??.. Accidentally throw things and throw that away??.. Erm... Arhh.. Hmmmm..

Sunday go pay visit Dad and Monday work 10-2pm.. haha and i can go window shop.. Find who leh or...
I know there will be hyprocrite or bad around.. Wait til it really hitted me then think about it.. I have the strong sense that something happened or coming but i don't know what is it.. Working there okok lorz.. Only one person there like trying to be funny with me loz.. I think that person don't like me.. Many people con-damn that person..
waiting thur for the delivery.. i decided le.. yeah.. thks alots.. danke schon..

kirsten-beloved || 2:20 AM

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