I try hard.. To achieve what i want..
I never put enough effort, i can't concentrate, maybe my lazyness.. So disappointing with myself.. What The Shit i have done.. Fail my RAD 25% or 20% labtest..
Tell me how.. My only chance is the next test.. Must score high.. 5% test can help ma?..
I am the worse of the class i think.. And is actually ba.. I don't want repeat..
God pls give me more time..

Argue with my grandma.. While i am eat my soup, she ask me what soup you eating..
She say i nv ans her.. Then i say back.. How to ans you back, so hot..
Nw apppetite all gone..

Why i always the lucky want.. Haiz..

kirsten-beloved || 2:29 AM


This is the first time i use atm that has decline my application..
So sad.. I save money for bill, think of tmr make the payment but my bank deduce money for don't know the what.. All my money save for bill and my mum lend me to make a hundred for the datedue bill all gone..
My bill deadline is this mth haiz.. I already borrow frm mum le.. hw can i borrow again?.. Try other way le.. haiz.. My working Pay only come aft next mth 7th.. Still nd pay for the remaining $200+ for bill.. WTS.. My pay how to survive me?..

Next week test..
Test for cisco topic 1-11 and database management unit a to g and lecture note 1,2,3&5..

I work 5 days per week.. some only 4 hrs per day.. I have no time at all.. So packed cum project.. Actually think of watching movie but all my mood gone..

It been days i keep pushing my mood up.. But i can't take it anymore.. Today at work too much non sense with the 20% off.. Keep on having void and etc.. Keep on asking my i thought this have 20% off.. Have i know la the machine scan out de.. Actually not because of them but school hmwok project test quiz..

I Can't control.. When my suspenvisor ask me "can anot?".. I stood down and the shine keep roll.. I can't control.. The tissue have let me use finish.. They laugh when i say no more tissue le..

I infected other person.. They try help me when i have long Q.. They help me til short money for their counter.. Dot Dot Dot.. haiz..

I NEED A BREAK>>> I CAN'T STOP AS THE MORE I STOP THE MORE LOAD I AM CARRYING..... KEEP ON GOING... can't stand it anymore.. so S*****... Don't try to add on thing to my life.. i have enough..

Tmr a beta day..

kirsten-beloved || 6:57 AM


having VB practice test today..
I guess i am the worse among the class..
I do the pic tool instead of the button tool as it has pic..
Haiz.. All thing become unworkable.. Really afraid i will f***..

I really feel like tearing le.. Next week still have test topic 1-11 for cisco and access test unit a - e if nt wrong.. project need to do.. Workiing mon, wed, fri, sat sun.. i duno how..

I found out.. Sea Water taste like Tear.. Is salty.. Tell me how...........

kirsten-beloved || 8:47 AM


School fee have come.. Date for deduction is 5 June?..
Haiz.. Borrow first as now even the hp, internet, phone bill haven't settle yet..
hmmm.. Must pay atleast $100 by this month...The next month after getting pay will pay the rest $200Plus.. Don't know enough anot.. Hope there will be some left for other stuff..

School, I have no idea what am i studying.. Feeling so alien..
Nowaday do til i slept infront of computer with my msn on.. lolx..
If i nv response don't scold me.. lolx..

Gona find one day this week end or what to tidy up..

I don't know shall i continue working there as i feel money not enough,,
I afraid of this semester.. Is like i don't understand what am i doing..

Tmr no Entrepreneur as it is e-learn...

Sometime i just left it aside as i know if it's strong enough no matter how seldom it still remain..
I feel so exhausted.. I wish but i have no more strength to border that much anymore..
Walking and walking and don't know what's infront..

Can't get the understanding is a saddy..
Can't get the understanding and still being occur to be the bad one is a tear in the heart that bleeded..

Gona see poseido or other soon... Might go with Jia only?.. lolx.. PTL 1day?.. lolx.. Jk.. dun take it serious worz.. keke.. Reaching upon Kaili bday.. Hope i and the rest can make a wonderful want... God bless.. I miss so many thing...

kirsten-beloved || 10:23 AM


i feel the load keep loading...
Feeling so rush.. everyday is like working and schooling..
Become sleep at 1am the earlier..
Really sleepy.. I unable to read finish and go through my module..
My school stuff is like mountain.. Keep on climbing..
Can't cope well.. haiz..

My eyes is going to shine again.. but the shine keep staying w/o dropping..

My mind is $39.90 but i tell the customer $49.90.. alemah...
still have one that's is i say anything you instead of anything else... alemah..
The customer also laugh til row on floor..

kk.. haiz.. i duno hw...

kirsten-beloved || 6:52 PM


School everyweek for most subject will have assignment to do and also TEST & QUIZ..
How i hope i have more time.. Book and Computer is like Bed to me..

Never received bill for my hp and internet bill for 2 mth.. After calling Singtel..
What a Great Shock.. They combin my bill.. Need to pay 3 hundred over dollar..
Alemah.. Think my working pay for few mth gone lorz.. Waiting from next pay to clear..

Take care all Frenz.. Muckzz.. Miss ya.. Swt ya.. Luv ya..

kirsten-beloved || 5:15 AM


Now is midnight 4.58am, 13 May..
Can't image i used 6 hours here to do my cisco quiz..
What's that men, 13 May before 3pm needed to do finish..
I work til 3+pm about to 4pm yesterday.. Eat a 2 pieces of biscult before start the rest of the time eat air.. keke.. I feel like surround is keep talk.. so irritate me.. I don't really know what actually what other is talk to me about.. What i know is surrounding have my people talk like bee sound..

Asking the pharmancy about my stomach like nowaday got that problem of "chi chi".. then the pharmancy say is the "xian xiang" that i have gastric???.. But is not serious case.. The pharmancy very good give me tester for that medicine to try..

By the time i from mrt to home.. Guess what time.. is already going to 5pm.. Finally can eat.. fish ball noodle and bring my cousin to the hair saloon as she don't know how which and where is it location..after that read some cisco note before going to sec sch frenz bbq.. Actually don't feel like going le as too many assignment.. but is near by my house and bday person say that come 1 minute also happy.. omg.. feel so gulity.. go there awhile.. Got one senior there got participate in superband.. lolx.. he play guitar.. and compose his our song..

haiz.. still got lots to go.. quite stress.. but still ok.. But i don't why.. What i give always not sufficent.. I already try my best le.. What you give also not i want.. I just wamt to grumble all the tight air ball of mine out.. Concern.. Let me feel i am still here..

Do You Know?.. How i wish i am a robert.. but i am nt.. i can't be 24hrs operated..

How i wish i am a dog or... At least they being pampered by their owner and got nice clothes, go meassage w/o paying as is owner pay de..

kk i can't take it le slp awhile and nd awake tmr cntinue my helen pro and entrepreneur.. Must do it..

I know i am not that good nowaday.. keep say i gt work and etc.. But no work no income.. Don't need to use com and hp and don't nd to use if no work..I have clear half bill still have another half.. Waiting next pay..

I think i am under depression sometime.. haiz..
I nd a break to go east coast or etc..

I feel that i wasting money nowaday, am i buying for releasing or ya?..

kirsten-beloved || 2:01 PM


Nowadays really occupied.. Til i have no time for myself..
Is like not work then is school..
The most is few hour aft school or work to go out..
Work there is so so.. But heard quite lots romours about so and so is backstabber & etc.. Even saw so one who can be nice to that someone but at the back is..
Just work..
This question has been round and round in my head whether to continue or hop job?..
Some really so nice to me.. I will gulity if i hop.. But many people advise me to hop as what they are good to me is what they should and not what they try hard to give me.. But i know there is some creature that say about me keep have off last minutes BUT I NEVER LAST MINUTES.. IS THE CREATURE FORGET LORZ.. Just don't care but be alert with ya.. Every where should got this matter but is in serious case anot..

Okay hope my group is the cooperate want.. Hope everything safe... Heee Li's after year ur mouth is open and i will close if i beside you.. lolx...

I miss the olden day.. Where i can go out with frenz... so happy.. Miss the night chatting.. Miss the Shopping, K - Song, Pool, Suki, Movie, Bugis Prata, Prata House and etc..

Today very funny, i am the match make girl.. lolx.. I help people by passing a paper of note to a girl.. lolx... What is that note about.. keke...
I never try before worz to a guy.. seem like so fun.. but don't want la.. Must know the "Hou Guo"... yeah rite baby... lolx... Anyone need help.. I willing to be match girl.. lolx..

I saw someone for a few time at my work place.. Is or Is not the person...
Is like so familliar... Make me so frequent minded..
But think is not that person....

Just think of what is now and not before or too far thing..

Your happy i will feel happy too... yeah yeah... I Miss lots thing... How i hope but.. hahaha..

Byebye.... cya Take gd care.. mis ya.. luv u guy.. swt dream... Fine day..

kirsten-beloved || 6:42 AM


Don't know where am i..
My body stay but my soul is floating around..

Some kind of thing is money can't buy..
Some kind of situation is can't live w/o money..
Some kind of fate is not human can control..

Only can say is everything is so unpredictable..

Like what the lecturer say.. Wg\hat thing in life are constanf?
Ans is constant, as it constantly change..

hehe.. event coming.. 12th aft work go sec sch frenz's bday bbq.. 20th pulau wubin cycling.. hope can make it.. so miss the fun.. the laughter, the joy..

Hope everyone is fine..

Take care.. I missssssssssss........ lolx..

kirsten-beloved || 10:35 AM


Now can say that i am quite occupied, work and school..
Spend 5hrs or up to 14hrs per day, 3, 4 or 5 day on work..
School days, tue to fri.. all is long day 8-6pm, 8-3pm, 8-5pm, 5-9.30pm...

Time at home become washing uniform, bath, do homework and eat..
Ya there is some of the time here and there.. But just no time for myself..

Everyday is just smile across.. Either the day was an bad or good, the day still past.. Whenever you saw me alone.. You will see some one who is peace her ears with mp3..

Past few day the sky like so dark.. Walking and seeing the screen for the time the train arrived, i turn to add value and i knock on to this aunty and the aunty give me that face.. Alemah Aunty.. Got the chance top buy the clothes that i like but sold out.. Trying to talk but hp empty batt.. Trying to call but is another side who phone had batt low..

No time to think of other thing or rather don't think.. Mind was like i blank and automatically slept.. No need sleeping pill or count the sheep[meh meh].. So indeep of tired... Endless of thing to be complete.. Keep on moving...

What you care might not be what other care.. Some just treat you as shit..

Am i really happy?? Or i am just make myself happy..
So crazy to joke, lame and etc....

Sometime just let it be what it want to be.. Don't too concern..
chi say: Bu Yao Tai Zai Yi.. Fang De Kai.. Kan De Kai.. Xin Qing Ye Hui Hao Xie..

Cheer... muckz muckz muckz..

okay i should end here.. I need time to study for my DM.. small test coming thur.. I am dead soon.. Wulala.. bone cracking.. tmr got work how to study.. only time is wake up early, study during break or aft work.. sleep lesser...

Kkk running off of time.. Got to sleep it is already mid nite 2+pm.. Alemah..

Why i suddenly change password?.. Know why.. I just want to know who really realise or ya.. This is not am world wide enter too.. No pest are allow.. wahaha..

kirsten-beloved || 8:59 AM

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