Another Dockey came across again.. Haiz.. So sad the result is like shit nowaday.
Oh My Goodness, pls arrange your time properly.. Cause the tireness, last minutes & all the mess.. No more Dockey Pls.. Yeah..

As usual wake up early morning & prepare to go work. HaHa today a busy day working non stop, finish this and continue next.. Treated drinks as they see me sleepy amd tired.. Although don't really like coffee but cold one is alright.. Thks alot i feel much better.. End late and go school late too, btw class start late as lecturer give break first as the food stall will be closed after 6.30pm..

Having night class all way til 9+pm home, shower up and start rushing my document, whether to leave or stay is depend on the outcome. Really can't bear to leave but hmmm.. See how ba.. Big HugZz.. :'( If want for sure i have the confident to get but i'm still puzzle..

Opps realise that i haven't get the email yet how am i suppose to send??.. Make me rush with my eyes pain and bone crack now.. Let's get it in the early morning tmr.. Have i give the wrong mail address?? ermm... Alemah..

Going to turn fat soon, eating milk kit kat like nobody business & irregular timing of eating..

Everywhere you go..
Different category around..
Where will you go..
Left, Right, Up or Down..
To leave or to stay..
May be bad at time but might be Smooth ahead down the road...
Everywhere you go, there is somewhere u belong..

Thks Sister, Brother..
Teach me lots.. Advice me.. Know what's behind the laughter.. Know how to make me laugh..

Everyone take gd care..
Slp tight tight.. zZzzz..
Mis ya Luv ya Swt ah.. Huggy hugz hugz..

No Matter where we go.. Tere is Sun.. There will be Miss Sunshine..

Cheer for the bright side of the day.. Yeah// Miss SunShine..

1th July 06

kirsten-beloved || 12:27 PM


2weeks break over.. Back to school..
Need to re-arrange timing again..
Make the wrong timing on the first day.. Working timing instead of schooling..
7.05am awake and start school at 8am.. OMG!!!
Bath and take cab.. Really very regret taking as is this lesson can be late..
I mistaken with wed lesson.. faint*.. Sian half way..

Second day today also sian copy the copy out and consider late for 14 mins again..
Disappoint result too.. HAiz..

Let's pray for a better tomorrow..

Shall end and sleep time, aft sch and working for the whole day..

kirsten-beloved || 9:36 AM


24th After working end at 6.30pm..
I meeting my frenz who help me to get cheap price for printer and etc..
If don't go i feel guilty but i go i feel weird..
Is like long time never see each other and hmmmm only very closed frenz then i will feel myself there loz..
The feel was like i don't know what to do where to look.. LoLx..
Feel so uneasy but overall i better abit..woosh..

I like being force.. Go to this frenz's frenz near by cafe eat Malay food..
Eat cheese sausage prata and apple shake..
Then go to tis frenz's frenz cafe..
Called me eat or drink.. Crazy sia.. Juz eat and drink leh.. Faint*..
But weird if at the cafe do nothing.. so Hazelnut Latte thks for the sick of being 2hrs there..
The people there quite friendly, talk about lauguage and etc topic..
Got one senior working there.. And Xiao Xiao looks mature do some magic tricks for me to see hahah.. Really don't noe hw he did if noe my card and can change card althought it's inside my wallet..

My frenz treat me a kids lorz.. Think i don't know bukit butok.. I go before loz.. Lolx.. Btw the cafe is HillView, is near Bukit timah and Bukit butok.. Thank him for treating me, i return him money he also don't accept.. Sian.. Always treat me.. I don't like, make me more guilty.. OMG...

What a scary day, i think i'm afraid of guy..

Reach toa payoh go 7-11 buy juice to drink and guess what.. Shit sia..
I almost give pple a kiss lorz.. Is like corner side then this person turn and i walk straight.. Oh Goshh 1cm only lorz.. Faint*///
So pai sey.. Don't know where to find a place to hide..
Damn funny too is like i quickly cover my mouth and the person cover his face haha..

25th So Happy to was being praise by customer.. Send that my service good.. Honour yeah.. But at the same time also kana scold for making people wait.. Got the girl ask me interested to work at ShiBuYa.. hmmm don't know leh... I abit cab't bear to leave those college but pay low sometime can't survive.. Ermm..
Actually plan to out but at the end airplan.. LoLx..
Nvm i oso busy doing my vb..

Hope my sister get well soon.. Scary sia cut her hand???..

Lastly wish KAILI aka KELLY YAN aka BBB..
Happy 20th Birthday..
Wish U Found Ur Mr Rite Yeah..
Peace, Love, Wealth, Healthy, Joy, Happiness Be with U Always!!

Happy Birthday 2222 Youuuu..
Happy Birtdhay 2222 Youuuu..
Happy Birthday 2222 Youuuu...
Happy Birthday 2222

Pretty Forever and Stay Happy Funky..

Wassup babe..

Youtube Jolin Song.. Make me feel like dance again.. So miss to dance.. Miss my dancer at ite... Miss so many thing.. I am without a wing to dance.....

So glad after sometime my ex classmate still rmb i am i modern dance.. LoLx.. I am not the perfect dance Not that power as they do but i go it yeah.. So miss..

Swt Dream...

Tata End of my journey..

Take good care all friend..
Mis ya..

kirsten-beloved || 8:26 AM


Enough of those nonsense around..
Sick of listening.. Dislike to plan too..
If like this, i just leave it..

No one border why making myself like mad to care.. (-.-')
An organiser is a impt job, don't think is easy yeah~~
Give an ard of across to those who successfully did it.. Woosh...

Sometime u can't find anyone when u need help..
Can't really always depend on people as all got their our time..
That's why.. Not that i don't accept the hao yi but ya all most thing means to be sensative after all..

Time really short..
Like not enough to use..

I'm like talking not in the right channel..
Talking A instead of B nowadays??? OMG..
Ur pin number instead of ur signature..
Omg pai sey chris i say wrongly..I guess i like Sunday too much le???..

To: Far-Ezzzz....I purposely choose English song here k..

Is time to draw a margin with what i want, what i need, what i wish..
If never draw clearly, everything a mess..But i know my our limit..
Let's set urself one too if u have over ur limit..

Taken pic at my cousin hse when i waiting for her wake up til bore..
Take her minnie to take pic..

But at the end she sick til nv do..
The next day.. Teaching time..

Waiting for her to write finish..

Sick cousin so obedient look.. LoL.x.

Few day left to sch..
God bless..
Happy always!!
Take care all frenz.. Cya sch..

kirsten-beloved || 2:44 AM


Got disturber trying to do something..
So irritating..Add my frenz into msm using my name and trying to seal something or what ya..
Use my name to tag my frenz blog..
Don't think u are back, u can hide..
U BETTER WATCH UP!!! I noe u are seeing..
Er Xin De Jia Huo.. Xiao Xin Ya Tian You Yan..
Really dislike those kinda of disturber.. Interpt pple life..

No nd to mention the name of the person.. The person who did it noe urself well..

Happy Be Early Birthday to my Dearest BBB Kaili..
Hope that you like it.. Wahaahaa..
On that day then delicate bday song k.. LoLx..

Really fun with Buddies...First time cross the road like nobody business.. climb the bar and run to the bus stop for the last bus.. So exciting..Worz.. have capture so imagine while rush but vy blur as running.. LoLx..
The steamboat is spicy, very hot..
Still gt fried ice cream, tat fried ice cream is different from other as it have jelly..
The KTV is cheap and nice environment..

How i wish time will stop..
Going back school soon after this week and face the book and everything.. God bless..

Waiting for the picture to develop..Luv u pple.. Yeah..

You ge sha guo.. Yi wei shi jiu sha de dan hai you ken sha de.. Dan jiu ho hai shi jiu sha de..

Where can u be hide..
How can u be hide for long..
The situation keep repeat..
Yesterday is an dream..
Nightmare appear after dream..
U remain at the circle..
U trying to rescue out..
U hold on tight on the rope..
U slip and u fall from the top again to the circle once again..

kirsten-beloved || 10:37 AM


Really make me can't breath and heart beating fast.I thought what happened to me, got what illness.. Feeling so weak at tat time.. wahaha..
Just try nt to cramp everything and relax and i'll be fine..I think if this go on.. I don't know what will become..

Be responsible to what you did, nothing will be smooth all the time with no hard work. Never regret what you did, as it is too late to cover. The only way is to go on and learn frm it and nt just create the same old thing again.

Feel like hop job as pay is low but don't bear to see those nice pple there work like inhuman, OT like mad, anyway is aimless toward what i wanted..There surely a gd and bad in work, it might seem to be a easy job at time.. No one will really understand at that situation.. Just continue if it's orite..

After this coming week i will be dead.. It's continue my work and sch again.. 5 + 5 dayz.. Frm the beginning til nw i only noe 5% of my wok.. I don't know hw.. Really afraid of this sem.. As what i say no one really noe the situation.. Only urself.. Diff pple have diff weighting of under pressure.. So no nd to compare..

After wok saw lots pple at Marriott again, this time rd is full hse and still have quite a no. of pple outside watching soccer. ????. . Block my way hm LOLx..
I only watch once the whole soccer match in my life and tat was few yrs time ago..
Before say anything abt other, think twice of this qns:Have u did anything too?U just recieved frm other and no return?..

Enough of those.. Is To much of my Rubbish..

Today is FaThEr'S DaY!!!
Althought nt meant to be for me butHaPpY FaMiLy'S Day To All FaThEr Ard..

Take Care All Frenz..

kirsten-beloved || 10:08 AM


Finally delete and save all the 60 Ovr mail that i lazy to clear for week ba..
Spent me hours.. Lolx..
Saw a mail so funny, Yang Chen Ling Guy Version.. wahaha.. check ur mail ok i have send it to your.. See le will row on floor..

Last night, doing my blog til late nite and i can't awake.. Luckily awake not too late so i am 15 minutes slightly late to mate Entrepreneur Mate, i am not the too late as there are more later then me de.. opps..
After that go with Boon Ling to his working company to see, i found out is something like what Jiali have told me those water. Hmmm gt some risk in it, should i give it a try?? Or i think i find other job ba.. As watson thing i can't survive long with the income.
haha.. he quite funny, cause i treat him like young di di then he treat me like those first time come to Singapore de pple. yawn.. Anyway thanks his intro. His manager quite nice.
After all in back to tpy seeing thing around and pass to Xiao Di present. I let him waste a trip i guess, he shld come out. I really sotong i still gt one note forget to give his hahaa..

Oh No i feel so tired that i have a evening nap.. i gona gain weight,,

I login to my friendster and i found out that no word to say abt de view my profile..
Really have no word.. I guess he also gulity ba hahaa.. Really don't understand guy..So confuse..

I can't feel that i am needed at all.. I am just spare.. Always there for nothing..

Okay i shld end and slp.. My eyes getting pain and all my mail..

Cya mis ya..

kirsten-beloved || 11:40 AM


Actually plan to celebrate KH birthday with other, but that week is a stress week which all important test and common test is on.

But i know this Great frenz is a understanding person.. So wldn't mind other day de..

After few days i saw him.. LoLx.. after my work.. Yeah yeah.. So happy t see this nice frenz again.. I been long since the last.. But i no the person beside him..
Actually the image of that person had eraser in my mind but after KH say i recalled back.. I forgive but i still can't forget the situation..

11 Jun been to Ah ma birthday celebration at tampines coffeshop..
Ah ma long time see her once only.. So no matter what i change shift with my workmate to go..

No forgetting Xiao Di Birthday on 12 Jun..
Xiao also hit the number "2" as well le.. Lolx..

Today a lady offer me a place to sit at the bus.. I guess she is those outside cool insde warm.. Thks aunty..

Now having two week term break.. Althought is break but still needed to do assignment, project and entrepreneur report.. Don't know how to do?? How who can help??
After term break it will be more to go..

I thought this semestrall is a relax want but so unpredicted.. is not.. I don't understand or can't get any ball that lecturer throw.. Hope that work wldn't interfere my study.. And hope i can manage time properly..

Gd nite.. Is sleeping time..

kirsten-beloved || 12:14 PM


Feel so hopeless..
Go into the lecturer room for SA&D common test and all my mind was blankz..
No matter how i shake the ans still wldn't come out..
What i learn have gone with the wind..

How i hope there is magic like harry potter or invisible pple to help when i don't know the ans.. But there is not possible.. If there is think is when i am mad and imagaining it ba..

2 more test to go for this week.. haiz.. God bless..
vb quiz and database management on thur..

Extremely like rotton fruit.. Can't eat anymore.. [no medicine to cure anymore]
after this week will be okay.. yeah yeah..

Pls don't disappoint me again with those terrible result..
End here gona do some entrepreneur stuff and etc..
Don't give up.. No one can help leh if u also think tat why..

kirsten-beloved || 5:50 AM


Can't focus at all..
I don't know how..
Really afraid of the word "F" [red mark understood?]

Everytime go sch is sit for test, quiz, assignment, common test & etc..

At home can't concentrate well.. Esp upstair as my grandma keep nagging, Dwnstair feel like slpin aft upstair & work..

At work got demanding customer but is alright cause there are still some good one too..Work is not just work, is gaining experience toward all kind of people, things around..
But don't know i can survive with the pay there ma?..
Seem like they are starting to give me some aims, some expectation from me..
Glad to recieve a Thanks You card..

I can't fail, don't wish to let myself and other down.. but is somehow of Hopeless..
Don't understand what i learn..Is a hard cash, must treasure.. My chance is this week.. Must pass well if not dead.. How haiz don't understand..

Wed coming.. Shall i or not, see how it goes.. If really can't make it then sorry..
Wish to have Mac Breakfast Fish Burgar once again..
U and some other is always the best when i nd help.. Although can't be help with the situation but atleast i saw the effort.. It been mths since the last.. I am tired.. Keep on rainning in my sky.. Lend ur shoulder to Lie on and afraid not waking up..

A hard week this week hard cash.. 3 impt test.. must treasure.. Trying focus..
Not in the right mood.. Pls focus..

kirsten-beloved || 5:14 PM

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