Monday working..
Tuesday SA&D Quiz..
Wednesday Rushing REport for Database Manager..
Thursday, tat's today OS test and very assignment 3 closed book...
Tmr working and Networking Lab test..
after tat still needed to do cisco.. (@.@)

Saturday working, sunday still working.. Really die..
Must do Entrepreneur Powerpoint slide..
Next week presentation..
Tue Mod test SA&D too..
And wed written test for vb.. OMG coding..
Oh gooshh!!!..

Tired to say anymore stuff anymore..
Just wanted slient..
Do u really noe...........

Miss those day.. Think of those day feel like crying... Totally turn ovr..
And thanks for tolerating with my mood swinging and concern me.. Esp the one who help me the most.. YOu noe who is it la.....

Bear with it til the Max. end of Aug EXAM..

Really will die if it goes on.. :<<<

Really quite sad.. If forget or.. It meant tat u care more to other then me... Sometime no need to say.. Can see..

Help and yet what i gotten??.. haiz.. No one really care.........

kirsten-beloved || 8:38 AM


Day by Day... As Dark As Black..
Say What Ever Also No Use..
24hrs No Enough..
Internally Externally Mentally Tired..
Endless Task.. Busy..
Kk Got to slp.. i left 4hrs???.. haiz
Bone Cracking soon.. Numeric, Alphabet floating round and round..

Hope for the Guardian Angel!!!

Bu Zhi Ming Tian De Tai Yang Hai Zai Ma........ Wo Qi Dao.......

Really cut down my working time but still there is not enough.. :<
Blogging also Lazy and whatsoever..
Sunshine to make me smile for the moment.. Smile for the better day..
While walking around from that packed time of my break and so on, I start aiming and aiming.. The White Big Bag, Dress, Dorothy Bag, Belt, Necklace, Thumbdrive 1G that is worth buying and can buy for the sick of my nt enough memory 256MB thumbdrive...
Think i can wait long til my neck grown long...

Hai so stressful.. School work so endless and the plus work and still there so Ba-Bay-Ren keep on giving trouble.. Say le say i nv say.. Selfish.. Only think of themselve.. Help them like i must.. When needed help.. Is like drowned in a deep blue sea.. Really don't know how long can i survive..

My result turn out so badly..

Where my Guardian Angel!!!!!!!

kirsten-beloved || 1:06 PM


Don't understand .. Really Don't understand...

It keep moving so far apart..

More and more far away..

There were nothing i cld do with..


Oh yaya ltr few days... Spent some time doing approaching customer to do survey for watson which was ask by the headquarter..
That was my mission from my suspevisor..

OMG approach people ask them do survey..
The pramahacy and the promoter misunderstood me and the customer who are doing survey oh goshh// Damn funny lorz..
Know one hip hop guy, know what is a dance commerial and train during younge.. Envy sia..
I guess that day those customer shld be irriated by me.. LoLx.. So Noisy worz... LoLx..

kirsten-beloved || 11:03 AM

Happy thing is my connection finally back.. Yeah yeah..
Really a crazy pc, i guess is i accident kick the cable or what ba..
Thks for those who help me during those non-connection time.. Mucks..

I don't know what am i doing nowaday.. My feeling was unknown..
Don't know how to say the feeling..
Only thing i know is DRink and Drink my sunkist til finish or ice cream 3 stick per day or spent like nobody business or cleaning..... To release the kind of feeling...

Regret to buy the stupid shoes for work, quite paint aft long????

Only thing is put on ear piece and don't know what's beside..
Song follow by song..

I declare i'm not a gd tutor... I declare i fail the mission... Who know a gd way to teach... Beside demo... I am sorry i done my best... I don't know how to help, i been repeating a no. of time.. my matter cldn't work.. I cldn't help myself too........................ Fail to u and me as well.. :(.. Jia Jia Jia Jia YOUUUUUUU.....

Emergancy for a great operation fall on 12 July Wed... Vision Basic.. Oh God..

Whole mind was die die die............

Cldn't get away the load.. The near the date the more....................

After work, teach and watch Lang Sha Bo & Zhu Ying Tai at the same time.. The story was damn sad.. But i nv tear... HAHA!!

so swt but end up in peace.. haiz..

Trying study vb and half way i got doing clean and tidy to shift my thing into another cupboard.. Terrible tidying, spent me 5 hrs.. make me slp at 3+am, which i heard GOAL for the soccer..
Can't stop as i started keeping.. OMG..
Seeing my Face, Body, Hair product, books and etc.. I wanted to faint..

My daily use.,. LOLX!!!

Today wakeup with my cracked bone..
Still think as i am not keen in the area.. If i go i die..
Still got other recommendation???
Decided go home after work as too tired..
See my Cupboard for clothes and present untidy..
Feeling uneasy and decided to tidy up again..
GOshhh~ Why gt so many earrings, photo frames, cups, clothes that seldom wear, musicbox, stars, bear, piggybank[no money] haha?????
MOstly is christmas and bday present...
Really memorable of each gift each situation....
Those photo in the past.. Those road that been through..
Song came by to my mind for each situation..

Think i get the most present is sec time & ITE ba as lots vacation and occasion and ya u know la My Choi bu peng you, of course goody of my peng you also gt.. HeHe..

SSssoooo Innddeeeepp Ooofff Tthhhoooosssee Dayssss LaLaLaLa..
Iiiiii MmIiiSsssSssss DddEeeeEeeeeePpppppLllllllYyyyyy...............................................

Friday Night i am too bore... And i begin say cheeseEEEEEEeee~...

kirsten-beloved || 9:25 AM


Sad sia... Lost Earring again?? Second time all Birthday Earring always left one side.. But one word is right that i heard from one working mate..
Lost nvm, the person who give you is still there can le..


Anyone saw it??.. haha.. Work place don't have, home also don't have guess is dropped on floor.. Bu Jian Jiu Bu Jian, Buy want is not the same as the usual want..

Change whatever which i wish for long.. As i am sick of.. Change for a good start.. Yeah!!..

Whatever change i am still myself.. Like who also doesn't matter.. Is good or bad.. It's also doesn't matter..I MA MYSELF..

So glad to those who say... hehe.. thks..

Not my day.. wahaha...
I am wrong.. Is not that good as i thought of.. Really paste stamp.. FOC somemore..LoLx..
Whatever.. It does matter.. Is still the same with or w/o....

sorry i really changes.. i change to very straightforward if i want to.. I don't like wondering ans.. juz straight to me and that's it..
Gun shoot one only one hole.. if too much vy ugly understand.. wahaha..

VB test wed 12 July.. Let's count down and pray..
May it be the smooth one..
lalala... Jia You pple...

Girl meant ur word horz.. u are long way and yet so slack..
Tmr a better day..

Luv u Luv u Luv u.. Mis u Mis u Mis u.. Swt ya Swt ya Swt ya.. Care oh Care oh Care oh.. Huggyz hugz Huggyz hugz Huggz hugz... Guten Nacht Nacht!!

Take care everybody..

06 July 06

kirsten-beloved || 8:38 AM


PEOM For The Those Who Have Long Lost Someone..

Can Be Wide..
Can Be Small..

Once I Know U..
U Stored Some Memory..
In My Mind..

Will We Meet Again..
I Cldn't Know..
Will The Coincident Let Us Meet Again..
We Cldn't Oso Know..

Will The Time Sweep Aways U..
And Left With An Empty Soul..
I Wldn't Know..

But The Memory Will Store Forever..
From The Starting I Know U...

Cldn't Really Recognise..
As U Sweep Away For So Long..

Once U Saw Me And Say Hello...
And That's The Greater Gift I Have Found..

kirsten-beloved || 11:36 AM

Indeed A So Call LUCKY day.. LoLx..
Just back home, know what's the time now?
00 18 hrs.. Is already 2 July, instead of 1 July.
Working from 1+pm til now!! I going to Faint*
Actually can be home early but due to the Stupid computer!!
Can't save.. And might be because of catching with Virus..
At the end take cab with my assistant suspevisor.
Tomorrow still morning??? (@.@")'
Nothing much can say quite a sweet day but long day.. Sweet to heard "Sweet Dream" from customer after you say Have a nice day.. They know i'm tired le.. hehe..

Funny thing is that got one customer because of the 5 cents go back take and come back..LoLx.. So Cute and Sweet of..

Another customer quite generous, know what i the customer say after i promote my sales item to them??.. They ask me want mah they pay as they don't need the bag.. LoLx.. I was like blankz.. Stood at them "What?".. No need.. LoLx.. They say give your mum also can.. I feel this phrase quite familiar like i say before.. Then my suspevisor help me reject the offer as we can't do that..

Sometime those customer really so cute..

That promoter jie jie have gotten a rose.. Then i say wow Rose worz, as seldom have rose appear during this period of time.. GIve me?? Don't want la.. Nt belong to me.. LoLx.. No mean too..

I saw Jing Chen Wu.. Worz handsome Jap artist.. Is just the photo in customer wallet.. Chey..

Sometime i just wondering why some faces so familiar?..
Is i know but long lost or? hmmmm...

Saw lots discount around, at far east.. Feel like buying lots stuff.. Like belt, bag, clothing & etc.. Waiting for my Money??....When will they be back..
Can't over limit i still have bill to pay.. Sian.. I still wana ask my sister to buy thing.. Coming Pay enough mah?.... Know some people there, don't know can get discount mah?.. hehee..

Okay shall end, otherwise will be seeing a dead fish.. da da da . . when a dead fish is struggle.. the wave appear..

Oh ya lastly heard that "Xu Mei Jing" gone crazy.. The singer who sing for national day before.. So wasted.. She so nice.. Long time never see her in tv or media and now appear in news saying mental problem..

Hey hey don't think too much ya guy out there.. Anything don't keep too long in heart will BOMB one day.. Just find someone to talk to or go for refresh..

Don't know what happened? Everything i rush.. My brain turn Eee sound and can't force what people and talk to me about or i my heart running faster then usual til i can't breath..

Don't treat me so good.. I can't bear to leave..

Good nite People..
Mis ya.. Luv ya.. Swt ah.. Care oh.. Huggyz hugz..

02 July 2006

kirsten-beloved || 10:28 AM

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