I test those guys... Where I am being Cherish or not..
And decide to delete or still store in my hp..
Ya some i delete... Is a waste of my free space to keep...
As time goes by something changes or say those past is just a lie....
I feel so happy calling and say free want go out for fun and not meant too...

I know if someone cherish they will call when they free... Those u say million can forget it men..


I thought i am the silly last time but i found one silly more silly then me...
lolx.... Sometime is not called chi qing.... is cal silly..... 7 and 4 every big diff can do many thing....


kirsten-beloved || 10:28 AM


Yesterday was National Day..
Happy Birthday..

Have been celebrate Birdies Early Birthday Due to Exam coming right up the corner..
So Happy Be-Early Birthday!!
Not forgetting My dearest Min Min who is coming right up too..
Happy Birthday my cousin..

Enjoying the Monday and Tuesday..
Movie yeah nice and touching..
Happy Jogging, Gyming and Firework..

Nv manage to capture well as hp going empty batt and ya..

Special pic that capture while way home..

But sad to say Happy Always Files Fast..
Monday lost 10bucks, drop on floor i guess, Tuesday while bus home haiz...
Wednesday help cousins with homework and recieved a call from ah ma..
Hope the result out is not that bad.. And hope is a sucessful one if really need operation..

Must study now if not ya..

Lastly the Firework was nice.. Was til 12 Aug so guy still have time to go and see. . Esp couple, fully recommend..

Pray for you.. Pls don't let them leave me....................... :'(

I know no matter how free u are..
No matter how bore you are..
It will stil be a busy life If the want isn't impt to u..
Is nt i know it know.. As i know it long..
It just that Is u the want..................................

Everyone will leave when time is up..
But i couldn't bear.. Really afraid.. Pls i am selfish, I don't wish to see anyone ard leaving me before me do... Pray.. And Still Pray.. Pls.................

It could be a smart or anyone great...
But who will really know what's behind a smart or anyone great..
Everyone have something to face..
Is great if there is some % of urs is there...........

Couldn't slp after facing the com.. (@-@)'

Take care... Aft 25th will be more orite..
Mis ya. Luv ya. Swt ah. Care oh. Huggyz...................

kirsten-beloved || 8:20 AM


I am here to wish A Great Frenz Happy Birthday!!!
Can't delicate at Friendster too lagged...
W/o this great frenz i guess i am nt in POLY..
Teach me lots help me lots & etc..
May your dream come true and found a great guy and feed u.. LoLx..
Miss those day with u pple.. Yeah..

Happy Birthday 2 U!!
Happy Birthday 2 U!!
Happy Birthday 2 U!!
Happy Birthday 2 U!!

Zhu Ni Sheng Ri Kuai Le..
All The Best For EveryThing You Do!!

Today is the last lesson for Entrepreneur..
Thks Ms Woo who guide us through..
Too bad there is no entrepreneur 2.. So sad..

Work mate resign as migrate..
Although not too long knowing but nice to meet this frenz..
LoLx.. So cheerful and fun to be with..

The vb test for me who been affect due to the com shutdown.. is ok manager to display the pic and time but don't consider as more working function then the previous test to earn a little point to help me up ma?.. Hope u give some Tong Qing Fen.. LOLX..

Exam coming.. Heart also becoming so tighter that i could breath..
I know nothing who will believe????.. But that the fact.. Still working.. Sian..
Money or......... Kk.. I need to zZzzz....... Nite.....

Count down 19 days to The First Emergency Room, 21 days for The Second Emergency Room & 23 days for The Last Emergency Room!!

[Peom That Consist of SONG TITLE.. UNIQUE lei!!]

Zai Ni Yan Li Wo Ken Bu Jian Wo De CHUN ZAI..
Ni De Bei Shang.. Ni De Lei.. Wo De Xin Han..
Jiu Lian Xiao Xiao De Shi, Dou Neng Gan Dong Ru QIAN TIAN Na Yi Ban De..
Mi Mi Wu Wu Bei Ni De LAN TIAN Wu Yi Wei Shi Lan..
Xing Lai Jiu Xiang TIAN HEI HEI Zuo Le Yi Zhang TONG HUA Ban De Mo Shi De..

kirsten-beloved || 8:22 AM

about me

*Name: RENA aka Kirsten
*Age: Twenty
*From: Singapore
*Lurves:Pure Platonic, EXploring, Honest...
*Dislike: Bluffing, Backstaber, Liar...
*Job: Sales Assist


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