I don't know izzit that i sense wrongly or what..
But i feel that it's refer to me.. As due to What ur attitude in phone..
If is me, i feel that u wanted too much lorx.. U never appreciate what people do for u.. U Only feel that what u want u can't get and u put that people in that list..
What about those effort?? Have u ever thought of that..
Do u know people also got own thing to do... People already try make someday le but time not allow how... U should know i don't like enough promise so i wldn't promise it i can't go...

Really can't understand human nowaday..haiz..

Aeroplane.. I dislike it lorx.. Don't wanted to call anyone anymore..
Me alone that's enough........... WTH...........

RoArRxxxxxxxx........... Piss off...............

kirsten-beloved || 10:09 PM

Want to do something special.. heehe..
Finally new choco i make.. Nt really la jux mix the chocolate...
Yummy but abit too sweet..
Next time shall do for those who deserve lolx...
Just try out so ya.. wait ya..

kirsten-beloved || 10:29 AM


Actually today will be working as well but they put me off..
As some incident.. lolx...
I go with the promoter to eat.. I don't why i feel so jelly yesterday..
The promoter turn and nv see me but when she look down and see me sitting on the floor..
Take anything also will drop that kind..
Sleep after work till the next day feeling so lazy..
LAzy Pig...........

Btw after work i feel like finding LoLLiPop.. The Big Want But can't find... So Sad... Where then have sell nia...

kirsten-beloved || 2:02 AM


I Love This Song..

By Nan Quan Ma Ma...

The Song goes...

Ni De Lei.. Wo Bu Wen Shui..
Bu Shu Yu Zhe Ge Len Mo de Shi Jie..
Shi Qi Na Yi Que.. Zhi Wei Yi Ke Neng Guo.. Fu Chu Na Zheng Ai Ke De Ji Hui..
Ni De Lei.. Wo Bu Wen Shui..
Yuan Lai Gan Qing Bu Shi Na Mo Neng Yi Xue Hui..
Na Shi Mian Shi Shui.. Xiao Si Qian Hou Bu Hou Hu..
Ni De Bei Shang Shi Fu Shang Hai.. Ni Yao Chen Shui...


Life Nothing To Mention.. Nothing unusual..

Hmmm But Nowaday alot of "Sei Liang" Ard my area..
So people around my area beaware.. Lots case thre.. Wow..
Don't care younge or old or whatever... "Sei Liang" wldn't care de.. As long as is girls.... Maybe guys later on??>. Lolx...

Me okay but who know the "sei liang" chop stamp... lolx...
Btw open door also dangerous.. As got one malay with one plastic luggage standing outside stare in for quite sometime and give my family member a big fright..
I thought he wanted to ask get rental house ma.. lolx...
Then my grandma ask him.. then guess what..
He then say wana curry puff.. That's crazy sia.. need stare inside and keep quiet ma..

peep peep... night time dun wear sexy ohh.. unless ya...


Take care.....

the pasta cafe that i Love the most...

Let u think of childhood time meh?.. Btw I have try during childhood.. seem so nice ya.. But that's just model..

I wonder and wonder.. I still remain wonder.. Really can't understand...

Good Nite Take care My Frenz..

Miss U....... Merry Have A Piggy Land...

kirsten-beloved || 10:15 AM


Just back from work..

5.30am.. i work from 1.45pm til the next day 5am then off work..
exhausted.. I can't continue le.. I see double figure..
Later still need to wash my clothes and later at afternoon go work again and continue til another next day for that stupid shelf..

Yesterday can't sleep after knowing the result is out.. The feeling was damn afraid..
Afraid of repeating module or etc...

Don't dare to see by myself too.. Call my friend help me see later on..

Yesterday I'm too tired and pray til i fallen asleep and i dream..
The DREAM was SO SWEET that i suddenly awake and i told myself to SLEEP AGAIN to continue with the sweet dream that i don't want to awake..
Guess what continue the sweet dream again and at last it really so so so poor thing..
The ending end in a terrible way.. So sad.. I know it would be back...

Shall i say Good Morning or Good Night.. Bye~bye...

Miss ya...

kirsten-beloved || 2:43 PM


Everytime i see the indox that u send is so sweet..
But is no long the same.. The sweet friend gone with the wind..
I realise ur hp change when the time is msg u to say Happy Birthday..
I noe that things keep change.. Thing wldn't be back again once u miss it..
My sentitive coz me dead.. I avoid and avoid.. nothing also become got thing til left with nothing..

Been knocking on the cupboard for a few time while start work.. so pain.. so stupid of me so clumsy...

~^~ The Swt wan wrote ~^~
Hey...really very very sorrie...i like very very late
then reply u..cos i just finish my re-exam last fri
then after the exam...i have been back to work
from morning 8 to nite 8...so come back already
tired...very lazy to type any msg or even tok to any
of my friends on phone...sorrie ...really sorrie...so
how r u recently??exam-period now??Take care
hor...JIA YOU~~I alway supporting u! heehee...

Sorry for the late reply....i ar...stop working this wk
liao cos this wk sch start liao...u leh??when ur sch
start??by the way...that time i was working in the
industries beside expo mrt de...er...too bad miss
the date,if not can go expo see see u... =D so
how r u recently??Take care cos i care =)
seeing back all this in the inbox i feel so jelly and upset... haiz..

Can't slp scare of the result that are coming right up.. on 20th sep they say...
haiz.. don't feel good at all this days.. dot dot dot..

kirsten-beloved || 8:26 AM


Joo Chiat food really nice.. And price is reasonable.. Toilet over there is so cute.. OMG..
As u can see at the picture..

Okay that's all.. Byebye.. Just tired and boring..

My schedule for work change again?? Haiyox.. Thk ya to the new comer.. Lolx.. Don't know when is which shift only know one day need to stay up til the next morning to do arrangement..

Do take care all frenz.. Okay??...

Sayonara.. auf wiedesiehen..

kirsten-beloved || 3:08 AM


What a day???....
Today is a [what a day] day....
Reason -> Drop my Top on the pail with the mopping tidy water.. OMG... Damn Lucky..Found my cash box open???... Luckily never short if not..Damn piss with myself some time..
Don't know what to say about life just nothing..

Wake up with an hope and emptyness after all...

U make me laugh, u know me well, ur empty agreement, i see it through, u make my rd with ur milion of reason and melt the piss.. I keep on telling that is true but it happen ovr and more ovr again..

I don't know why am i here for..

Now u want to meet also hard my schedule have to change due to someone have resign.. btw i know u organise also equal to not..
All just pass by...
Can be happy for a day i already feel fulfilled....................

I feeling so hai.. Empty........

kirsten-beloved || 7:20 AM


Finally 1 day off, time is fast my off day passed again.
Still have a little time to blog before going work.. Yeah!!

Yesterday gone to Polyclinic to see my eye, is not i too heaty or contact lense problem.. Is the pore that been crowned..24 pills and 1 oil.. 6 pill per day??? Errrrr..... Er Xin...

First time see doctor at there.. First time waiting for 2hrs plus for my turn..Actually not so sick but after waited for so long i feel so sick..Is like after registered still needed to wait for queue number for the room number to see the doctor. After seeing doctor still needed to wait for the medicine and the payment.. From 10+am til 1+pm..

After all is Breakfast aka Lunch time..
And feel like watching movie after all..Watch THE HOST.. That's Nice.. Is like abit frighted, sad, touching, funny..Worth seeing..
Coincidentally i saw my ex-schoolmate from Secondary aka NYP.. Can't imagine that we are in the same theater is like only 2 row gaps..

Btw i lost some number.. But i know i will get it back if the person got contact me so ya just leave it..

Actually plan to enjoy til night but ya i know it.. I know this person very well le so as what i expected..

Lastly Poor Jia legs.. haiyox.. Get well soon.. Take good care all my friendz.....

kirsten-beloved || 9:42 PM

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