Really damn boring.. Compare to all the subject i think the only things i can get in is the AND, OR gate all those only..
Seem like Quiz and etc coming.. I am still not prepare so so indeed of lazyness..

Too fast might make mistake here and there.. Too slow can't catch up and lost how?... See as it goes..

Today late for first lesson, is too late so nv go and go to the next lesson.. The teacher is good.. as she still teach us what we missed at the first lesson..

Put GONG song.. Li.. Ur Fav.. hahaa..
okay good bye.. mis ya take gd care..

kirsten-beloved || 4:00 AM


haha.. I juz like to be happy..
I did something.. I am so daring, i don't know why i go.. But i nv regret..
Quite happy.. Go watch movie after work on saturday.. so paisey.. is like call and appear.. Actually don't know where i work also know le.. OMG.. The show is call operation underarrest or what.. i can't remind.. so so only but sad la cause they can't be together, as the Ji Jing[show pple name] die le.. after that go play pool and go home sleep at 4+am.. lolx..

I haven't pay them.. lolx.. This frenz act act only.. Act til like stingy and etc.. but not.. Properly not going to order and call u order.. da xiao jie.. okay i noe what to do next time round.. let the time prove everything....

My monkey college call me twice and yet aim at my slping time.. lolx..

Happy always...

Today class end early as the program down.. end at 4+ going to 5pm..

Take care all frenz.. good nite..

30 Oct 06

kirsten-beloved || 7:12 AM


All this pic haha.. last want is i wanted to vomit out le.. lolx.. At first nothing after an hour haha...
I enjoy the so call last chance to talk.. guess next time will not be free le.. U going to change job and i going to be busy with my sch stuff and etc..
But nice to have a frenz like u.. thks for accompany drink and talk..
Dislike the feeling of vomiting but enjoy the stuff that is out.. Is like more relax..

I am the sandwich again.. OMG... How should i react??... I am the want who know is good or bad... When the days come what should i do??.. Pls tel me how..

Elective course tomorrow first lesson i really afraid.. i don't know whether should i change or can say could i change??.... Account my fav but i afraid is not the same...

Few more hour and school started.. wondering who will be same class as me during the first lesson and ya..

Happy to go out with the two LI's.. they make me broke sia... lolx... but got lots stuff very nice...

Good nite take care all of u...

kirsten-beloved || 7:11 AM


Boring !!!

Change Blogskins Again.. WuYeYee~
The baby so cute..

Been to ViVo City... Is omg sia.. Lots shop..
Eat sushi & eat at Island Cafe for dinner.. hmmm not bad but limited dish..
Bankrupt liao just to eat 2 meal for the day...
but not bad la to shop there..
Next time try Galarie |"if nv spell wrong"| cafe..

What's more during past few day?

hmmm.. Go Happening as well as acc my friend took part..
Got goody for us after shoot.. lolx..
Hope my friend will get in.. lolx..
11 Oct is the last date for vote..
Who's the Cinderella??....

Don't know what to do.. I really very bad.. Is like sandwich in between the work mate dot dot dot..

Sometime really good sometime hmmm okok.. U really make me so crazy..

Where's the prince gone??
This qns i don't know.. Think those close to us want will become single hahah..
Sian horx for being single is that always kena rumour.. become so flirt like that but none is that.. lolx... Have someone also sian nd to worry like crazy |*I guess so for so much incident that i saw*|

School i don't how is like going to school start and i kena accounting, i afraid is hard for those past few people who have told me... Should i change i amd afraid.....

Kk i should go sleep, think tomorrow will be extremely restless to work.. As now is 2+am going to 3am soon.. Omg...


mis ya.. Luv ya.. Swt Ah.. Care Oh..

11 Oct 06

kirsten-beloved || 12:05 PM


Finally get this nice song frm buddy..
Nowaday i really super high and haha..
I go lallala with that song.. wow.. nicer nicer..

Stop it.. What are u trying to show u.. Want me to envy ma?..
Nothing then dun care me got thing then say i quiet liao..
Put away the doubt and go to whatever that make me goes wow high and happy..
Hope everything a happy day// yeah... Guy sux...

Hope to go there soon.. Hope there is no any thing suddenly pop up...
My neck going long le... lolx...

School Starting soon liao... SIAN... So Stress Combining Work and School etc.. Bleah..

Hope can enjoy before bursting..


kirsten-beloved || 11:19 AM


Destress day..
Wow wow.. Go trim trim wash wash hair...
Window shop.. see see hre and thre......
They ask me who u with??.. invisible fei fei "ghost".. wahaha...
Of course myself la... last min off me so i don't know who to call?
Everyone busy or on date le or sick le...
Btw alone shop will destress..
Go to the place i noe and talk talk talk talk lame lame etc and end my day...

I can't see the destinate..
I saw someone??? Am i dream?? Jux too alike..

Bo Liao and start zhi lian....

kirsten-beloved || 9:13 AM

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