Ytd during work saw Zhong Qing & Wang Lu Jiang..
Yoz yoz.. They look Gergous.. Esp Zhong Qing..

After work try to read IT2732 for an hour and gone meet my beloved dan dan then go meet the rest..
Thought my frenz is late but earlier then us.. Then wait for the rest to arrive..
Gone Zouk, furture..
Saw 2 Ben at thre.. One is pizza hut frenz, another is the actor..
Thought 2+am can go home but nt.. we stay til ard 3+/4+am then go eat snack..
Fat sia..
Share cab.. ermm my frenz n i one cab?.. faint, i wan my dan dan.. nt Dan.. but okay lorx i try..
Thought tat he so ungentleman, coz arrive at his house thre first..
Nope is actually taking his bike key and give a a ride.. SO scary at first..
Thks for droving..

Reach home at 6+am omg start class at 10am..
bath n study n fall aslp..
wake up with shock as haven't finish studying n ltr test at 10am..
Ms Wong lesson.. Time is 8.55am.. Pack my things and go off to sch..

Yan Ling wake up.. U really slack toooooo muc n........... haiz..

I feel like nobody at sch.. esp i become bus conception..
Don't like to talk.. Talk more wrong more...
Everything is so........

Good nite take care.. Mis ya Cya...

Sorry if i have leave anyone aside..LoLx.. as everytime i turn ur say already..

upload pic ltr on when i get it.. yeah

kirsten-beloved || 4:50 AM


Saturday and Sunday as usually is working.
Very tired, even the promoter tell me code already i also nv heard it??...
Then i still ask the customer "Hw u noe?, u regular customer ah?.. Then the customer say the promoter just nw gt say"... blankz..
Blur and the promoter say u see the guy handsome til don't know i had say..
Omg~ i can't denied he is really gd looking but til the promoter say then i realise.. lolx.. so pai sey..........

Then Sunday drink 2 cups of bubbles tea adn at nite drink green tea.
Monday morning Cramp.. Omg.. don't feel; like going sch but gt presentation and 50% test for life science so.. Drag my feet to go.. Aft resting ok and at nite come again.. Ytd was like pig.. Slp.. today aft sch the same slp... til nw then awake..

kirsten-beloved || 3:05 AM


Back from work late again..
This time round better as my sister and frenz calling then my supervisor heard my hp keep ringing so instead of 8+pm i go at ard 8pm.. Waiting for then stupid bus til ard going to 9pm reach hm.. bath and etc..

No energy to study.. How test on Friday.. and got two test somemore..
I guess i can predict what ur will say to me..

Today.. haiz.. friday le..
few more hour and i...........

Two Test..
The code Noe me i Don't know them...............ARhhhhhhhhh...
Is long want lorx..
Another test needed common sense but i don't think i have.....

God bless for tmr..
Everything seem so far away...........

Why always like tat.. Come n go..
Wat u think is suddenly bcum a dream..
Wat u don't wish t happen happened as wat u think too much n predicted..
Really dislike the dayz nowaday..
It's seem like nowhere i am to be..
Everything is like word only..

Really afraid of tmr..... two at the same day somemore...

Beta have an early nite if nt tmr sure collapse or can't awake..
Smile for the better day..

kirsten-beloved || 8:35 AM


Don't know how to say..
Say le also no use..
Take for granted only.. Feel no way that stay..
I like resting at the bus by myself but at the same time feeling so wierd..
Everyone eyes like hmmm why u walk alone.. yawn.. Just don't bother.. As MRT really nt worth for me.. haiz..

I am tired of keep telling gt this gt that, as i myself also forget here and there, stm.. One person can't carry the load for long u noe.. The person will collapse aft all.. One day if gt sometime happened.. Just wonder who thre??..

I really don't understand.. Already quiz 1 and 2 fail le lorx.. Just do the 3 attempt hope that they will give mark for me only.. No one feel the kick as they all pass atleast 1 Quiz or both Quiz..

Haiz really tired.. Everything also don't know how to do.. No comment sense at all..
And here i decide to cut always.. Those demand hair.. Stay at there also no use..
Spoil le can't work anymore..
Now feel so light woo...

Life like hair..
Add Some Color or Do Something to It To Make It Nice..
Sometime When Hair Are Nt In Good Condition..
Demand or split End.. If Do Treatment Oso No Use..
Then Is Time To Cut Always..
Hair Will Grown.. Life Still Need To Go On With or W/o..

No one teach no want really able to help..
I lost The way I Used to Have..
YanLing WAke up.............

kirsten-beloved || 4:03 AM


Try being back to normal..
But seem like all guy word seem to be so so sensitive to me..
I think beta be quiet if nt wil shoot pple like nobody business..

Very tired of school work, don't understand at all..
Everything is so lucky to me lorz.. use computer also can draw til half way hang.. dot dot dot..

My father side uncle becoming sick.. Hope he get better soon will be taking urgent swapping shift with my work mate to see my uncle.. Get Well Soon..

Pls stay away from me those bad stuff..

Tmr will be a beta day.. Cheer.. (^ o ^)/'
Pls smile and evrything will bright up.. yeah..
Wait for Friday night hehe.. Hope don't disappoint me.. I just wana go Happening..
Go birdies...
I mis u.. luv u.. swt ah.. care oh..

Lastly nt forgetting u.. Li Get well soon too..

kirsten-beloved || 7:57 AM


It's really over....
Everything just like a dream..
If never chat also don't it's really over..
Feeling have gone..
What to do is fate.. The msg keep also no use just nothing now..
Very very ya.. Me wrong or He wrong..
Rolling............. Sad.. Will be back.....

kirsten-beloved || 8:05 AM


What's a day.... I push in the thing til another thing drop.. LoLx..
Spoil le OMG~!!
Tmr see how..

Buy present for my sister and thing for myself and help classmate buy t3 shower..
Total 50dollar gone and i get an addition bear and umbrella free..

Today end work late extend til 11pm then close shop dot dot dot.. jilimala the boss... so tired.. Dun feel like doing any school work tmr still nd to wake up early to work..

I don't understand.. Hang up my call, don't ans my phone more better.. How dare u hang my call... ARhhh.. LoLx.. Don't intend to ans back don't means angry just ya return u back.. See how u feel...
Been quite miserable with sch and etc stuff.. I really haiz.. Anyway jia you to go on.. Ur too.. We jia you.. Don't care those yayapapaya..

I want to go... I want go enjoy.. Arh.... Hope 17 Nov can make it.. Girl time.. hehe..
I must learn not to care so much.. Is killing me.. Like a Siao Chu Bo nowaday.. alemah..

Will be better.. swt ya.. luv ya.. mis oh...

12 nov 06
Very very sian i wan go club...

kirsten-beloved || 8:33 AM


This Song IS My Feeling..
Vivian Hsu.. Finally Know The Title and The Singer.. Hehe.. Thks Li.. Got time send me But i want the hp ringtone too.. I am greedy..

Feeling was like lalalaa not that care as b4.. I Shld ya.. Lost interest.. lolx.. Nvm is fate..

Anyway Sch and Wok is SIAN.. Everyday is like yawn... Happy shalala...

Take care my frenz... Mis You Luv You Swt ah Care oh....

Ling Mei
7 Nov 06

kirsten-beloved || 7:54 AM


Another passed.. Just back and settle down and take file from mail.
Tmr don't know whether will i be able to awake haha...
Watch "THE GUARDIAN".. hmmm quite nice.. but very sad ending..
This the third day, where izzit neh?? What happened?
So tired..

This the fourth week of sch le tmr.. opps shld say few hour time.. School is so sian..

Okay gd nite.. mis ya.. luv u.. care oh.......

kirsten-beloved || 11:41 AM


It's end the week again and another week is beginning..
Want to put song i like but nt in list, haiz.........
Week by week, the feeling was like more and more hard to breath...
Don't understand any.. Just like alien don't know from which planet...
Scare of changes but still need to face....
Don't know how long it can goes... Today tmr or aft tmr or maybe no tmr... Close the eyes and dark it's goes....
Waiting for the right time to move on.. Find a better place, better pay...
Gt the kick to go somewhere... so can vomit out all the doubt that have been stuck.......................................................
Just wana be Happy.........

Really scare of use to later gona take time to refresh again...
Don't know is it really true... Happy to heard tat but at the same time scare tat was just a dreamz.......... Where? How? What?..............

wo sind Sie? Heute nie Anzeige ich? IchBIN an gewöhnt? Wie? was, wenn Sie mir einen Tag lassen. Ich eher ich kenne Sie nicht. Ich sein zu rüber in ihm. Ich bin nicht für verwendbar. Ich finde ihn so hart. Bonbon zum Haben Leuteobacht aber zu erschrecken.

Good nite is late right now.. 15 mins to 2am..
Tmr need to work gona brush up and go zZZzzzz....
Swt dream people..... Mis ya.. Luv ya...

kirsten-beloved || 9:56 AM

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