Back from work late again..
This time round better as my sister and frenz calling then my supervisor heard my hp keep ringing so instead of 8+pm i go at ard 8pm.. Waiting for then stupid bus til ard going to 9pm reach hm.. bath and etc..

No energy to study.. How test on Friday.. and got two test somemore..
I guess i can predict what ur will say to me..

Today.. haiz.. friday le..
few more hour and i...........

Two Test..
The code Noe me i Don't know them...............ARhhhhhhhhh...
Is long want lorx..
Another test needed common sense but i don't think i have.....

God bless for tmr..
Everything seem so far away...........

Why always like tat.. Come n go..
Wat u think is suddenly bcum a dream..
Wat u don't wish t happen happened as wat u think too much n predicted..
Really dislike the dayz nowaday..
It's seem like nowhere i am to be..
Everything is like word only..

Really afraid of tmr..... two at the same day somemore...

Beta have an early nite if nt tmr sure collapse or can't awake..
Smile for the better day..

kirsten-beloved || 8:35 AM

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