Don't know how to say..
Say le also no use..
Take for granted only.. Feel no way that stay..
I like resting at the bus by myself but at the same time feeling so wierd..
Everyone eyes like hmmm why u walk alone.. yawn.. Just don't bother.. As MRT really nt worth for me.. haiz..

I am tired of keep telling gt this gt that, as i myself also forget here and there, stm.. One person can't carry the load for long u noe.. The person will collapse aft all.. One day if gt sometime happened.. Just wonder who thre??..

I really don't understand.. Already quiz 1 and 2 fail le lorx.. Just do the 3 attempt hope that they will give mark for me only.. No one feel the kick as they all pass atleast 1 Quiz or both Quiz..

Haiz really tired.. Everything also don't know how to do.. No comment sense at all..
And here i decide to cut always.. Those demand hair.. Stay at there also no use..
Spoil le can't work anymore..
Now feel so light woo...

Life like hair..
Add Some Color or Do Something to It To Make It Nice..
Sometime When Hair Are Nt In Good Condition..
Demand or split End.. If Do Treatment Oso No Use..
Then Is Time To Cut Always..
Hair Will Grown.. Life Still Need To Go On With or W/o..

No one teach no want really able to help..
I lost The way I Used to Have..
YanLing WAke up.............

kirsten-beloved || 4:03 AM

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