Saturday and Sunday as usually is working.
Very tired, even the promoter tell me code already i also nv heard it??...
Then i still ask the customer "Hw u noe?, u regular customer ah?.. Then the customer say the promoter just nw gt say"... blankz..
Blur and the promoter say u see the guy handsome til don't know i had say..
Omg~ i can't denied he is really gd looking but til the promoter say then i realise.. lolx.. so pai sey..........

Then Sunday drink 2 cups of bubbles tea adn at nite drink green tea.
Monday morning Cramp.. Omg.. don't feel; like going sch but gt presentation and 50% test for life science so.. Drag my feet to go.. Aft resting ok and at nite come again.. Ytd was like pig.. Slp.. today aft sch the same slp... til nw then awake..

kirsten-beloved || 3:05 AM

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*Name: RENA aka Kirsten
*Age: Twenty
*From: Singapore
*Lurves:Pure Platonic, EXploring, Honest...
*Dislike: Bluffing, Backstaber, Liar...
*Job: Sales Assist


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