Ytd during work saw Zhong Qing & Wang Lu Jiang..
Yoz yoz.. They look Gergous.. Esp Zhong Qing..

After work try to read IT2732 for an hour and gone meet my beloved dan dan then go meet the rest..
Thought my frenz is late but earlier then us.. Then wait for the rest to arrive..
Gone Zouk, furture..
Saw 2 Ben at thre.. One is pizza hut frenz, another is the actor..
Thought 2+am can go home but nt.. we stay til ard 3+/4+am then go eat snack..
Fat sia..
Share cab.. ermm my frenz n i one cab?.. faint, i wan my dan dan.. nt Dan.. but okay lorx i try..
Thought tat he so ungentleman, coz arrive at his house thre first..
Nope is actually taking his bike key and give a a ride.. SO scary at first..
Thks for droving..

Reach home at 6+am omg start class at 10am..
bath n study n fall aslp..
wake up with shock as haven't finish studying n ltr test at 10am..
Ms Wong lesson.. Time is 8.55am.. Pack my things and go off to sch..

Yan Ling wake up.. U really slack toooooo muc n........... haiz..

I feel like nobody at sch.. esp i become bus conception..
Don't like to talk.. Talk more wrong more...
Everything is so........

Good nite take care.. Mis ya Cya...

Sorry if i have leave anyone aside..LoLx.. as everytime i turn ur say already..

upload pic ltr on when i get it.. yeah

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