1209 = 2019 is a special want.. Ihave decided after thinking for quite sometime..
Hope it's does change like the wind blow.. lolx.. This time is better then the rest..
Thank god for giving me.. I will try treasure the dayz.. Thanks Dan for riding me hm.. Although sometime is like nt sure abt the way but i appreciate..
Currently busy with work, study and out with py and they..
Stress in sch.. not pple then is hmwok and test..
Really vy afraid of this sem.. Is the most fear among the rest of the sem..
I must start study nw for my two test.. Guess what time is 1am Monday and Tue is the test..

Nt feeling well throat pain and itches...

kirsten-beloved || 9:26 AM


As what i sense and feel..
I really fail my c++.. 10% gone!!!!
Haiz.. More coming up.. More %.. Die..
So miserable with all of the sch test, quiz & etc..
Only can blame is Myself................
Nthng to say abt sch.. The more i say the more sad...
Feel no way i am in.. UNDERSTAND..
Say what also no use..

Blur sotong thought tat work in the PM shift as usual but bcum AM..
Haiz nw bcum going PM shift.. SIAN........

Everything = Nothing................................................

kirsten-beloved || 7:02 PM

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1209 = 2019 is a special want.. Ihave decided afte...
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