I will Remember what u say.. Hope u wouldnt forget..
Giving sometime to rest.....
Hope it's not too long.. Scare that too long it ya..
Super duno what to say, only ya.. Headache..

kirsten-beloved || 9:42 AM


Now trying to find what i heard from the show.
Title called "Loving You", i found it at you tube..
Wah~ Lots Loving you, English and cartoon also have, even lao shu ai da mi..
But i wanted was by 李崗霖-Loving you..
Find at youtube listen first ha..

Take care all friends & birdies family..
Doon't get sick..
Take care..

Delicate this song to your..

Haiz.. Don't know where am i~ Lost..
Working at Best Denki Parkway outlet ytd, suddenly got this ken bu shun yan wan there ask me for my sales rep number??? dot dot aft 3 wk working there on of sat sun.. Get number nevermind but strange is that my sales rep come in the afternoon.. I never really slack thre i got done my work, just don't care..
My sales rep like trying to tell me something, he say what bishan gt pple slack from more then 1hrs plus for break then he wait thre and call that person..
He might put me in bishan or tamp maybe sell laptop??? omg i dun wan laptop so hard.. sian gt other better work can get more pay and can do at honme data entry or wat de.. sian............................

kirsten-beloved || 11:53 PM


haha.. I found back my password!!
This few day i have lots strange dream in my dreamland.
Yesterday was that, i dream of everyone in nyp taking weight.
I was like shock with the measurement and it is those that everyone can see your weight . Ermm.. How to tell.. Is those spinning wheel.. like wheel of fortune, instead of horizontal it's put in vertical.
Is like i wondering the weighting machine that using at his house is it correct. It's like 46, 47. Then in my dream was 70kg, i was scared by my dream. I was stress in that dream and they say maybe my nike shoes, i taken out and its weight 60kg. is still that horrible.

Today i dream of him, he like so cold in my dream. Its look like big drain, got some wave of water. he taking clothe and towel from the side of the drain, one by one. I was shouting be careful, but he never heard it??? The water wave higher, wow~ I shouted~ He was save coming up and i wake up in my dream.

Kk stop all this non sense.. 16 Apr Start school le.. Yeah is that i can find that two li's.. lolx.. Sad is that timetable suck and have com skill that i don't like and afrid of and also i not sure what will become when school start..

Take care all my birdies buddy & etc..
Jia You for fyp and study coming up..

Mon ~ 0930-2130 break at 1110-1200, so long haiz..
Tue ~ 1300-1800 break at 1500-1600, arh no comment compare to other days
Wed ~ 1205-1350, crazy just go for 2hrs lesson is abt project and case study
Thur ~ 0900-1800 break at 1300-1350, long day also.. arh..

Mis Ya.. Cya..

kirsten-beloved || 11:31 PM

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Now trying to find what i heard from the show. Tit...
haha.. I found back my password!! This few day i h...
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